Classy Wedding Favors

5 Classy Wedding Favors

Classy Wedding Favors There are hundreds of details that come with planning a wedding and, of course, you want yours to be perfect. From the perfect dress to classy wedding favors, you want every d...
personalized holiday gifts

10 Creative Personalized Holiday Gifts

Personalized Holiday Gifts We all know that gift-giving is an art, and personalized holiday gifts are the ultimate expression of the keepsake gift art. When selecting gifts, some people use a one-...
personalized beer

6 Best Beer Lover Gifts

Beer Lover Gifts: Customizing Beer Do you have a beer lover on your gift list?  Perhaps a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or other milestone is coming up?  Of course you can go to ...
Road to table

Road to Table

Road trips to Napa in brand new Cadillacs, dinner from a 3- Michelin starred Chef, wine curated from Napa’s own Turnbull Winery - who could ask for a better weekend getaway? Cadillac and Goop, Gwy...
White Wine Types

The 4 Best White Wine Types

Do you tend to order the house white wine type when out at a restaurant, due to not knowing if you’d like the other wines listed? I don’t blame you. No one enjoys paying $9 a glass for a wine type...
Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts Make a Healthier Workforce

Corporate Gifts: An Everlasting Impression Traditionally, a fat raise is everyone’s preferred thank you for a job well done! Corporate gifts have fallen into the category of small rewards for good...
Wine Grapes

A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Grapes

What is wine?  Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of grapes. Yeast consumes sugar in the grapes, converting it to ethanol and releasing carbon dioxide in the process. Differe...
Types of Wine

8 Common Types of Wine

Wine Types Being a beginner at drinking wine can be overwhelming. Where are the sweetness scales? Are certain types of wine always dry, or heavy? If I like one Merlot, will I like all Merlots? Choo...