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10 Creative Personalized Holiday Gifts

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Personalized Holiday Gifts

We all know that gift-giving is an art, and personalized holiday gifts are the ultimate expression of the keepsake gift art. When selecting gifts, some people use a one-size-fits-all approach (i.e., a gift card from a big box store) and others use a more refined, personalized holiday gifts approach. If you already have a stack of gift cards but would like to up your game, or you already give personalized holiday gifts but want some more creative ideas for keepsake gifts, we can help.

1. A Keepsake Gift for a Special Birthday

Of course, we all have birthdays every year. However, some birthdays, like the ones where you turn 21, or 40 or 50, are milestones that call for personalized holiday gifts. One fantastic keepsake gift for those special birthdays is a personal wine bottle. A beautifully etched bottle, like the example shown, is a wonderful personalized holiday gift. It can act as a vase or decoration long after the wine inside is gone. That is, of course, if the receiver even wants to open the keepsake gift bottle. A lot of people enjoy displaying their personal wine bottles because they’re one-of-a-kind personalized holiday gifts.

2. Personalized Gifts for Graduates

Graduations are a huge milestone in someone’s life, gifting an item that reminds them of that special day will always be appreciated. Since personalized holiday gifts, like personal wine bottles or personalized glasses, are kept as keepsakes long after gift cards are used, they make “textbook” graduation gifts.   

3. A Personalized Holiday Gift for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day you shout your love out loud. What better way to shout your love than a personalized holiday gift. A personal wine bottle or personalized glasses that can be displayed for the world, or at least people coming to your house, to see.  

4. Personalized Gifts for Weddings Show You Care

A wedding present that is also a keepsake gift will show the couple you put some thought into selecting their personalized gift. Think of how thrilled and delighted they will be when they open a personalized gift bottle of wine or olive oil featuring their picture and wedding wishes. It’s one gift you know they’ll treasure forever. 


5. A Newborn Baby’s Gift Should be as Unique as the Baby

Since the baby’s birthday is now a family holiday, a personalized holiday gift for the new family will be treasured long after baby clothes have been worn out. The baby will receive a lot of gifts, the one the parents will remember is a keepsake gift they can keep forever. Whether it’s a special bottle of wine or olive oil with the baby’s name and birth information, or personalized glasses celebrating the couple’s first night as parents, personalized gifts will be used and cherished when other gifts are long gone. And if you need shower favors, why not mini-bottles, they are not only a wonderful keepsake gift from the shower but a connection to the newborn’s family as well.

6. A Mother’s Day Your Mom Won’t Forget

Brunch is always fun but why not make Mother’s Day extra this year by presenting your mother with a personalized holiday gift like an olive oil and vinegar set. This set is not only pretty but useful enough to sit on her table year around. Your mom will be enjoying this personalized holiday gift long after brunch is forgotten.  

7. Personalized Glasses Are Welcome for Any Anniversary

Personalized glasses make a delightful anniversary keepsake gift, they are sentimental yet practical and will quickly become your “special occasion” glasses. Another personalized gift that will be treasured is a personal wine bottle featuring an illustration of the loving couple.

8. How Will the Retiree Remember You?

A regular retirement gift, like the proverbial watch, just isn’t going to make your gift stand out. A personalized gift, like personal wine bottles, will remind the retiree of your thoughtfulness every time they look at it. So, what would you put on personal wine bottles or personalized glasses?

9. Give a Holiday Gift They Won’t Want to Regift

Personalized holiday gifts show people that you’ve put some real thought and effort into your holiday giving. Imagine the faces of your friends or family when they receive your personalized holiday gift and it’s a beautifully etched bottle of their favorite variety beverages. When all the fruit baskets and food gifts are long gone, your personal wine bottle will still be on display.

10. Personalized Gifts Express Your Thanks Flawlessly

When you truly want to express your thanks, there’s nothing better than a personal wine bottle or olive oil and vinegar set. By sending a keepsake gift that obviously had a lot of thought put into it you’re conveying how important the person being thanked is to you.

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