Classy Wedding Favors

5 Classy Wedding Favors

Classy Wedding Favors

There are hundreds of details that come with planning a wedding and, of course, you want yours to be perfect. From the perfect dress to classy wedding favors, you want every detail to be flawless. Often one of the last decisions made is about the kind of classy wedding favors you are going to present to your guests. Pretty bags of Jordan Almonds, or candy bars with your picture on the wrapper, just aren’t going to cut it when you really want classy favors. Here are five ideas for classy wedding favors that will make your guests remember your exquisite wedding for years to come.

1.   Who Doesn’t Love Mini Champagne Bottles?

What’s a better tie-in to your Champagne toast than mini Champagne bottles for a classy wedding favor? With your names and the date of your wedding engraved on this classy favor, mini Champagne bottles will be a perfect keepsake for your wedding. Long after the Champagne is gone, this classy wedding favor can be used as a vase or paperweight. As an added bonus, this personalized wine bottle gives your guests something to toast with you, once they get home.


2.  The Perfect Toast Mini Champagne Bottle with Flute, Equals to the Perfect Toast

For the perfect classy favor there is no better pairing than a mini Champagne bottle personalized wine bottle with a personalized wine glass. This classy wedding favor pairing shows your guests that your classy favors were not an afterthought.


3.  Go Big With a Large Wine Bottle in a Custom Gift Box

If mini Champagne bottles are delightful classy wedding favors, then wouldn’t full-size personalized wine bottles in custom gift boxes be that much better? On a large wine bottle you can not only print your names and the date but also a photo etching of yourselves. Your engagement photo would work wonderfully for this classy wedding favor. If you’re blending two families, the personalized wine bottle with a photo of the blended family is a classy favor and a daily reminder that conquers all. A custom gift box will help protect your personalized wine bottle for a classy wedding favor, giving a sense that you are going above & beyond to give something meaningful.

4.  A Personal Wine Glass for a Festive Toast

Imagine your guest’s delight when they are served Champagne from a large wine bottle in a personal wine glass. Since they will be drinking out of this classy wedding favor and taking it home as a keepsake, this classy wedding favor is both practical and fun. Personal wine glasses, especially stemless glasses, also make magnificent bridesmaids gifts of classy favors for wedding showers.

5.  A Classy Favor That Will Stay in the Kitchen Forever

Imagine your guests taking home a classy wedding favor consisting of a custom gift boxed olive oil and vinegar set. With a lovely custom wedding design on the large wine bottle or oil and vinegar set, this personalized wine bottle classy wedding favor will stay in your guests kitchens long after those Jordan Almonds and candy bars are forgotten.

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