What Is A Custom-Etched Wine Bottle?
Etched wine bottles are a unique and personalized keepsake. Carefully hand-made by our team of skilled artisans, each bottle is an individualized work of art. The process of creating your one-of-a-kind gift starts with the selection of a great wine and an outstanding design. Your personalized text makes your selections truly unique and memorable. After we receive your order, we take your design and personalized text and imprint it to a stencil-like material called a mask. We remove one or more of the labels from the bottle of your choice and apply the mask. The bottle is then sand-carved (a process similar to sand-blasting) in a highly specialized process to create a deep-etched recess. Your bottle is then hand-painted by our team of talented artists. Finally, we perform a quality check, carefully pack your bottle and send it on its way.
How Do I Include A Gift Message With My Order?
In most cases your customized message on the bottle is your message. Isn’t that why you wanted a custom bottle? If you would also like to include a gift message, we offer the option of including a gift card during the process for an additional cost.
I Don’t Know Anything About Wine. How Do I Pick A Wine?
Everyone’s tastes vary, so choose what you like. If you are not sure what you like or are not familiar with the wine selections we offer, we recommend choosing one of our private label selections. We carefully select all our wines for flavor and value, so you can be assured you’re getting a great wine at a terrific value. Often, we find that most recipients of custom-etched bottles value the bottle so much the wine is not even consumed.
How Fast Can I Get My Order?
We offer the fastest processing time possible. Most orders are created and shipped within 2 to 3 business days. Orders over 12 quantity take 5-7 business days for production. Shipping times will vary depending on your location. We ship from Southern California, so transit times to the East Coast are expected to take up to 5 business days. If you require expedited delivery, you must select a faster shipping method (additional fees apply). For an additional fee we offer rush service. If you need date certain delivery you must contact us.
Where Do We Ship?
We ship to most states and localities within the United States. However, each state has its own unique laws concerning alcohol sales. Some states prohibit out-of-state retailers from shipping wine to residents of their state. We ask you to identify the “ship to” state at the beginning of the ordering process to alert you if there is a restriction to your area. In that case we recommend you purchase non-alcoholic products or ship to another location if that is an option. If you desire to ship internationally, please call us, as there is limited distribution at this time. We are required to ship to a physical locations, and therefore cannot not ship to P.O. boxes.
What Kind Of Bottles Can We Do?
We can etch any glass bottle or any glass product (glasses, vases, jars, etc.) Our red wine (Bordeaux) bottles show off etching the best because of the large uniform surface area and the dark color. Any bottle that is silk-screened presents challenges since the silk- screened image cannot be removed. Additionally, some liquor bottles can be challenging because of the shape of the bottles or bottle design elements.
How Do You Get The Bottle To Me Without Breaking?
To ensure your order arrives safely, we use custom designed wine shippers that offer the best protection available. In the unlikely event that breakage occurs while in transit (on our shipping account) we will replace the bottle(s) as soon as possible.
Is There Alcohol In The Bottle?
Yes, most the wine and liquor bottles we offer contain alcohol. We also offer a selection of have non-alcoholic options including extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Additionally, we etch glassware.
Is The Design Painted On, Engraved Or Just A Sticker Label?
Our etched bottles are hand sand-carved (similar to sand blasting). This creates a deep-recess where our artists hand-paint your bottles. The etched areas have a distinctive texture that gives them a rich, elegant feel. Our labeled bottles come with a special wine label that is printed with a four-color process. Our labels are water resistant, so they are ready for chilling right out of the box and will look great even after being immersed in water.
What If I Don’t Want To Customize The Bottle?
No problem. Most of our designs look great without any personalization. When in the customize page, simply leave the personalization blank. Sorry, but there is no discount for non-personalized bottles/orders. All orders are custom-made to your specifications. We do not pre-etch any products.

Expected In-Hands Date

These dates are approximations and do not account for holidays.

Please call 866-944-3824 or email sales@etchingexpressions.com for questions regarding your order or arrival dates.

Production begins one business day after order date, with the exception of holidays. Production time for etched photo/logo bottles begins one business day after artwork is approved.

Current production time:

  • Small order (1-11 bottles): 3 business days, then it ships.
  • Bulk order (12+ bottles): 5-7 business days, then it ships.

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