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Corporate Gifts Make a Healthier Workforce

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Corporate Gifts: An Everlasting Impression

Traditionally, a fat raise is everyone’s preferred thank you for a job well done! Corporate gifts have fallen into the category of small rewards for good work, or simple incentives to increase productivity.

Often employees are rewarded with meaningless items, when an employer is truly trying to say thank you for hard work. Spending time and money to create unique corporate gifts for employees is not often pursued, when it truly is the best way to create an everlasting and meaningful impression.

Developing a healthier workforce is easier said than done. The importance of maintaining a positive and progressive work culture is paramount to job satisfaction, and shouldering the responsibility as the decision maker can be tough.

Sometimes, a thank you isn’t enough. By implementing the right methodologies with corporate gifts, you can succeed in giving richer purpose to your employee’s work life, and in turn create a better environment for everyone.


Company Size Matters

Larger companies who hold 5,000 plus employees are more likely to be negligent in maintaining a healthier workforce, as the workforce size makes it harder to know each employee on a personal level.

Mid and small sized organizations tend to have a more interactive and limited amount of employees, making it easier to manage. Simply put, It is easier to create meaningful corporate gifts when you know more about your employees. Adding a personal touch to each gift, with the recipient’s name or work title, often helps make the gift or occasion more meaningful.


Unique Corporate Gifts for Employees

It’s every manager’s nightmare when their best employee resigns out of the blue. The departure of such valued part of the team impacts the entire business and can question the integrity of superiors and the organization. 

Incentivizing employees for their hard earned work is extremely important in providing recognition for their efforts, and making a person feel valued. Personal wine bottles are sure to get the attention of your staff, as they are custom etched with unique messages that can highlight achievements, convey heartfelt thank you messages, and ultimately become cherished memories.   

Unique corporate gifts can be used as a means of keeping track of milestones, ensuring that your staff are incentivized, and rewarding them for their hard work. Occasions are best celebrated with champagne, a light colored fizzy wine has been historically associated with luxury and royal celebrations. With personal wine bottles, you are not limited to merely adding messages. Gifted glass etching artists are able to engrave a company logo, coupled with the employee’s name, and personal messages to produce unique corporate gifts.


Unique Corporate Gifts for Clients

There are some exceptional clients out there in the business world that deserve a great gift! Often we brainstorm unique corporate gift ideas that encapsulate the level of appreciation and achieved goals. When milestones are met, it is the perfect occasion to celebrate with your employees. Personalized custom gifts resonate longer than receiving generic gifts that we can all buy ourselves. The customization and thought put into a personal wine bottle is a great example of an effective corporate gift.     

Team building is very important for organizations to implement, to increase employee’s sense of worth. To breed more productive outcomes, consistent communication and involvement within projects is key. Receiving a unique gift showing that the company really cares about their individual staff members is great for highlighting individual accomplishments. It encourages your workforce to become better, and overcome higher challenges in achieving greater corporate heights.


Personal Corporate Gifts for Special Occasions

Creating special occasions out of professional partnerships is an effective way to start any relationship. Custom messages that are etched on champagne or wine bottles for special occasions are known to have a lasting effect on corporate mergers and partnerships. Simply thinking out of the box with corporate gifting helps you stand out.

The message is well received, that you took the time to include both company logos, coupled by a personal message to preserve the partnership occasion and some subtle conducted research on which beverage is most appealing. Such unique corporate gifts reflect genuine care about the business and the person in question. Recognition and crediting those involved in creating success are vital in maintaining a healthy workforce.


Custom Corporate Gifts for Holiday Parties

Corporate holiday parties are another way to encourage company morale in becoming a healthier workforce. Social events can also serve as team building techniques, which switch the focus momentarily away from work, to fun! Branded small format bottles of wine or spirits are great handouts for larger company events. They also serve as a great gift to encapsulate memories.

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