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What is the Process for a Personalized Photo Bottle? - Your Question Answered

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I am extremely interested in purchasing a personalized bottle and was wondering how the design process works. I would like to have a custom picture with "Happy Birthday Mom!" located somewhere on the bottle. Do you create the design for me or is this something that I have to provide?
Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing back! Morgan



Thanks for the great question Morgan.


First of all your Mom has a wonderful daughter. Planning ahead to get her a personalized birthday gift demonstrates thoughtfulness and caring.


Since you have the interest, you know that personalized gifts are some of the most impactful and memorable presents. Your Mom will be thrilled! Personalizing any gift makes it just so much more meaningful. It shows thought, planning and caring. There is something about seeing your name on anything that resonates within all of us. It satisfies a deep emotional need for connection. A personalized etched wine bottle becomes a treasured keepsake. Can’t wait to see her reaction when she opens her present and see her custom bottle J. Send pictures!


Ordering a personalized etched wine bottle is easy. If you ever have any questions please just call us at 866-944-3824 and we will always simplify the process.  


You can easily order your personalized gift online at our website,  


On the home page click on “Occasions.” A menu of popular celebrated occasions will display. Click on the “Birthday” option. That will take you to our slate of personalized etched and labeled birthday designs. From here you can select a stock design and include custom text using our custom online design tool.


Since you want a custom picture, select the “Upload Your Own Photo” product option. Read the title carefully, we have similar options for different bottle choices, such as red wine, white wine, beer and olive oil. In the “Personalized Text” field, please type in the custom text you want (i.e. Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for being such a great Mom. Hope you have a wonderful day! …) If needed you may include directions to our graphic designers in this section too.


Then click the link to select the picture (on your device) that you want custom etched onto your wine choice. Next select your (wine) bottle type. Your selection is bounded by a red square.


Within a day or two you will receive an e-mail with your proof. Our graphic designers will prepare your photo for etching, turning it into a work of art. If you have changes, please let us know. Otherwise provide approval so we can start production.


If you desire a more true representation of your photo, then you might consider getting a custom wine label. Search for the “Custom Label with Your Photo” option. Again, look carefully at the bottle type, as there are a few similar selections (i.e. red wine, white wine, etc. ).


If on another project you desire just a stock design, we have many personalized options for all major celebrations. Each design has a variety of customizable options such as text, font and colors. The cool thing with stock designs is that you get to see exactly what your personalized etched wine bottle will look like before you order.


We give you many options with each occasion. If you prefer to narrow your search select either a bottle type (i.e. white wine) or personalization (i.e. etched) from the directory on the left side of your screen (or in the drop down menu on mobile).


Once your personalized design is complete check out through the shopping cart. You’ll have an option to add a matching custom wood gift box or other accessories. Once completed, we process your order usually in three business days (single bottle orders). Shipping times vary depending on were it will be delivered. In California transit times are usually two business days. If we ship to the East Coast, allow at least a week for shipping. We love talking with customers, so if there is every any question, please call us and we’ll help you make your personalized gift become a reality.

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