Personalized Corporate Wine Gifts

Unique Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

How do you make your corporate holiday gift stand out from all the others your customers will be presented? In order for your custom corporate gift to be remembered you need. One idea is to give your corporate holiday gift around a different holiday. A custom corporate gift given for the 4th of July is bound to get more attention than a personalized corporate gift presented at the end of December. Here are some ideas for fun and unique corporate holiday gifts that can be given at any time of the year.

Make Your Corporate Holiday Gift Local

Local specialty products, things like craft chocolates, cheese, wine, beer or salsa, make excellent custom corporate holiday gifts. Small, local companies often produce custom orders in-house and will be able to make memorable personalized corporate gifts quickly. These high-quality, unique corporate holiday gifts will definitely stand out among the Starbucks gift baskets.

A Personalized Corporate Gift of Relaxation

Massages are a wonderful way to relax, who wouldn’t like a custom corporate gift of massage? There are a couple of ways to use massage as a corporate holiday gift. The first is to hand out gift certificates to a local massage center. The certificates can be attached to a bottle of hand cream, with a personalized label or sticker from you, for the recipient to keep on their desk. When they massage the hand cream into their skin, they’ll think about the wonderful personalized gift of massage that you presented them with.

Another idea is to sponsor a “massage party lunch” at the customer’s office. Most people hold the majority of their stress in their neck and shoulders, so a chair massage will be extremely welcome. For this exceptionally unique corporate holiday gift, you arrange lunch for the group and bring some massage therapist along to give chair massages during lunch. The massages will take 15-20 minutes each, and you’ll want to set up a section of the room away from the food for massages. This way the whole office socializes and can tell you in person how much they enjoyed their personalized corporate gift. As an extra bonus, after each massage the recipient can be presented with a bottle of hand cream with your logo either printed on the label or on a sticker. That’s one corporate holiday gift people will be talking about for a while, and hoping you arrange again next year.

A Custom Etched Wine Bottle with Your Personal Message

Reusable, beautifully crafted, custom etched wine bottles are a piece of art and treated as such. They can contain either a wine, champagne, sparkling cider or olive oil. A custom etched wine bottle is a personalized corporate gift that looks like it took some time and thought. Custom etched wine bottles are a gift people will pay attention to, and keep, after the holidays. A standard size wine bottle, featuring a custom etching with a one-color fill, cost less than $25 and is a great bargain. While you will want to use the same etching design on all bottles, the etched wine bottles don’t have to all be filled with the same product. You can mix and match between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages or go straight to food with olive oil or vinegar. When your custom etched wine bottle is packaged in a traditional custom engraved wooden wine box, you have a very striking, and expensive looking, corporate holiday gift for a very reasonable price

Caricatures Make a Fun and Unique Corporate Holiday Gift

When you want to make your corporate holiday gift fun and personal, there is nothing like a set of caricatures. Caricature artist can draw from photos, so to create this unique corporate holiday gift, you need to gather photos of the recipients. The corporate website, or linked-in profiles, are great places to find these. Hire a caricature artist, or two, and set them loose on the photos. Under the artist signature they can also put the name of your company. When the caricatures are done, you can place them in standard sized mats, to make framing easy, and present them to the individuals. If you truly want to excite, scan the caricatures before matting them and turn the scans into a calendar using an online service. Those corporate holiday gift calendars, clearly marked with your company’s name, will stay around the office long after they’re out of date.

A Personalized Corporate Gift That Will Give a Charge

Do your customer’s offices look like spaghetti factories, with charging cords everywhere? Think about how thrilled they would be to receive wireless charging pads for their mobile devices. Every time somebody put their device on the charging pad, they would think of your company. Considering how often we check our devices throughout the day, that would be a lot of reminders that you gave them this convenient and unique corporate holiday gift.

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