Customized Etched Beer Growler

A (Very) Short History of Beer Growlers and What To Do With Them

For the beer aficionado, a growler is a must have accessory. With the proliferation of micro brews and home brewers around the country more and more beer fans like to take their beer home with them.

A beer growler is a glass container with a screw top or pop-top used to transport beer. Modern growlers might also be made of ceramic or steel. This is the ultimate take out container for the beer enthusiast. Depending on the oxidation and method used to fill growler, most beer will last several days to a week. The most popular growler size is 64oz. Half size 32oz growlers are also used. The most popular growler style is half–gallon amber glass bottle with carry handle.

The term “growler” is thought to have originated in the 19th century when fresh beer was carrier home from the local pub in a small galvanized pail. The sound of the carbon dioxide is said to have made a “growling” sound when it escaped from the lid as the beer sloshed around on the way home. The need to bring beer home came of laws that limited the sale of alcohol on Sundays. Another origin myth claims either the customer or keg tender would argue over filling the pail and how much beer should be dispensed. One or the other would start the argument and thus would “growl” over this issue.

Having a good growler for the beer lover is the equivalent of trusted coffee cup for the coffee lover. What better to display your hops quest than with your own treasured growler. The best way to stake your claim is with a fully customized model that is truly your own. With custom etching you can transform an ordinary every day glass growler into a work of art.

 Customizing anything is always the most creative and personal gift that will be appreciated for a long time. Custom growlers make awesome canvases for showing off your favorite photo, a company logo or perhaps just your favorite brew. For home brewers a custom beer growler personalizes their very own beer release in a way that will make them really proud. Matching customized beer bottles either in 22oz or 16oz size would transform the home brewer and take him or her from bathtub to brew pub!







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