Not Your Regular Corporate Party Ideas

Not Your Regular Corporate Party Ideas

Why do you need corporate party ideas? Because it’s expensive to hire and train good employees, you don’t want to lose them because they don’t feel appreciated. Corporate party ideas produce parties that act as employee incentives, rewarding people for work well done and emphasizing that they’re a valued part of the company. Here are some corporate party ideas, and corporate party theme ideas, that should make wonderful employee incentives for your company.

Food Science Corporate Party Ideas

Everybody loves food, and part of food science involves developing new food products. A corporate party theme of matching new foods with wines could pair a corporate wine gift with some exotic new foods most people haven’t tried. For these corporate party ideas, new foods are displayed on a table with a row of corporate wine gift bottles at the end, ready to be poured. Your guests sample the “new” food, then try to decide which of the wines they’re sampling goes best with it. A voting station, with the announcement of the winning pairings at the end of the night, is a great way to finish corporate party ideas like this. With this corporate party ideas, you put the wine in corporate custom gifts bottles designed with your company logo and message. People won’t automatically know what kind of wine it is, and that can lead to some interesting food and wine pairings and icebreaking conversations. At the end of the evening, everyone can be given a customized corporate wine gift, in a bottle like the ones poured at the party, as corporate favors.

Corporate Bowling Party Theme

One of the most amusing corporate party ideas, for employee incentives, is bowling. This type of corporate party ideas is great because, even if they won’t admit it, most people like bowling and are equally bad at it. Remember, when reserving lanes, most centers won’t allow more than 4-5 people on a team so plan your lane reservations accordingly. A fun way to make up teams, and get people mingling, is to put numbers on personalized corporate gift mini wine bottles, 4 or 5 bottles with each number. When people arrive, they pick a bottle at random and that’s their team number. The mini bottle is also a corporate favor to take home. With this corporate party ideas, you’ll want to hand out prizes for the best bowler, worst bowler, most creative bowling style, etc. Corporate custom gifts of personalized wine or beer bottles make wonderful prizes, who wouldn’t proudly display a bottle on their desk that says, “company’s worst bowler?”

Mini Champagne Bottles for Corporate Favors

Customized corporate holiday gift ideas of mini champagne bottles make everybody smile. They are cute, festive, and shout “Holiday.” Corporate party ideas for the holidays can include holiday food from around the world paired with the appropriate drink. It will add a certain flair if you serve the drinks from a personalized corporate gift bottle featuring your company name and a holiday message. Placing a customized mini champagne bottle at every place, as corporate favors, will make toasting easy. Another of our wonderful corporate party ideas is to place two mini bottles there one can be taken home as a party favor.

Corporate Wine Tasting Trip

One of the more creative corporate party ideas is wine tasting. Most wineries are set up to use wine as part of a corporate party theme. Along with the elegant setting, their menus are built around the wines you’re tasting. Wine tastings are wonderful corporate party ideas for the holiday season. Corporate holiday gift ideas of corporate wine gifts, in personalized bottles, are fantastic employee incentives because they make employees feel valued and appreciated.

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Corporate holiday gift ideas should be as fun and classy as your corporate party ideas. Personalized corporate gifts make the best corporate holiday gift ideas. Corporate custom gifts should be classy and substantial, something cheap and garish gives totally the wrong impression. The type of corporate custom gifts you give out speaks volumes about how you feel about the people you’re giving the gift to. Welcome corporate custom gifts include customized etched wine bottles or olive oil bottles thanking everyone for a great year. When using this corporate party idea, when you hand out the corporate wine gifts to employees it’s always nice to tie a personal note from their supervisor, about how much their work is appreciated, around the neck of the personalized corporate gift bottle. The same corporate custom gifts of custom etched bottles make fantastic corporate holiday gift ideas for clients and suppliers as well.

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