Ice Cream Birthday at Etching Expressions

We All Scream for Ice Cream: Etching Expressions at Play

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At Etching Expressions, while we take our work etching custom wine bottles seriously,  we are not always so serious. Our people work really hard creating amazing wine bottle gifts, we feel it's important to our company culture to have a little bit of fun once and a while. We'll often have impromptu luncheons, pot lucks, baby showers, annual Halloween party, wine tastings, happy hours and birthday celebrations. 

Etching Expressions Ice Cream Social Birthday Celebration

Every month Etching Expressions celebrates birthdays for those whose special day falls within the month. Usually we try and get a "cake" or dessert that will appeal to the birthday celebrant.  As part of our employee intake we ask the question of, "What is your favorite dessert?" For August we had four birthdays to celebrate and to do something different, we all left the office to get some homemade ice cream from Tocumbo's in Barrio Logan.  Sorry if you tried calling yesterday, we were, um, a little busy.  It's nice to get away, if even for a short while.  The etching machines, lasers and paint brushes all took a bit of a break too. Everyone had some great ice cream and we all got to enjoy each other's company for a little break from the office. 


We are always looking for great ideas on how to celebrate and cut loose with our employees. What are some ways your company celebrates? 



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