Christmas Personalized Wine Gift

Christmas in August: Three Reasons to Plan Ahead.

Yes, it's hot outside, but if I sit really quiet for a moment and I can hear a faint hint of sleigh bells off in the distant.  Before we know it, that right jolly old elf will be paying us a visit. 

Yes, I'm talking Christmas and the holiday season. It is upon us. Believe it or not there are people out there that plan. . . way in advance!  Today I spied some very special custom etched wine bottles on their way out the door. Special, because these are our very first personalized holiday order for 2019. Yes, you are still soaking up rays by the pool and behind your back, enterprising people are placing holiday orders. You are soooo way behind already. 

If that thought doesn't shame you in to moving, here are three reasons to get you motivated to get going for holiday gifting early: 


1.  Enjoy the Season. Christmas comes on December 25th this year.  It's earlier than last year, because every year it seems to come earlier.  From today, August 22nd, it's only 124 days away.  Let me tell you, after the rush of back-to-school and then searching for a costume, you'll be hearing the music fast enough.  You know it's going to be here, for the most part you know whom you are going to gift, why not try and knock it out super early.  Try it just once.  You'll get to enjoy the season so much more if you do it stress free. 


2. Get big savings.   We'll be rolling out a number of saving opportunities for our personalized wine bottles throughout the season.  The best is to call us, especially if you have corporate or any volume ordering that needs to be done.  We will be sure to extend our best discounts to you.  We get super busy after Thanksgiving, so you save the most by ordering early.   


3. Reduce your stress.  Don't know what to get, personalized etched wine bottles make the perfect gift for the adults on your list (sorry, kiddos not covered).  The personalization on wine really sets these gifts apart and will be the absolute hit of the season.  We have personalized beer and personalized liquor bottles as well.  We offer etched photographs on bottles, which is our #1 best seller. 



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