Personalized Etched Kettle One Vodka

Case Study: Customized Vodka Client Gifts

Getting the perfect client gift can be a difficult proposition.  We all want to Wow! our clients, to really tap into an emotional reaction so as to make a great impression.  The challenge as with many gifting situations it to figure out the attributes of that impact gift.


Our customer chose to do custom etched Kettle One Vodka bottles personalized with the customer's name and corporate logos.  This customer, an insurance company, often commissions us to do label inspired liquor bottles for their clients. This customer knows what spirits their customer likes and appreciates, so that's the bottle we custom etch. 


In this case his client liked vodka, The Kettle One label is rather distinctive, so it makes for a nice presentation when customizing the name.  In this case, the client owned three companies, so we did three different bottles.  Each had the same name emblazoned on the front with the different company logos below. 

Customized Liquor Bottle Kettle One

Customizing liquor into a client gifts strikes the right cord for many of our customers.  It gets attention.  It's not something that can be bought at the mall or on Amazon, so it has a certain allure that other more traditional (and let's face it, boring) gifts might offer.  Customized liquor is unique and it stands out.  Plus these bottle can last forever since the self life of spirits lasts multiple years and the bottles can be refilled.  


Seeing your name etched in glass is always a winner.  High net-worth individuals like getting personalized gifts, such as etched liquor gifts, because everyone makes a connection with their own name. 


Getting a gift created by a company, such as Etching Expressions, that has been in the business of etching wine bottles for almost 20 years means that the important task of getting the gift done right, gets done right. That provides a level of security that removed uncertainty from the equation. 


What is your ideal client gift?



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