The Best Wedding Proposal Idea EVER!

The Best Wedding Proposal Idea EVER!

Getting married is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime celebration.  Getting hitched and making the commitment to your special someone is such a joyful and giddy time in your life. While there are certainly a lot of formalities with the wedding ceremony and reception, there is one key event that offers that opportunity for a lot of creativity: The proposal. 


Let's face it, this is all on you guys.  It's your time to shine.  Three requirements: Be fun. Make it memorable. Catch her by surprise.  (Bonus points for getting the tears to flow). 


Of course you are going to get an amazing ring.  Something special. Hopefully in her size. But the setting and commemoration around "popping the question" are almost as important.  One item that is guaranteed to help set the tone is a custom etched proposal wine bottle.  A wine bottle for getting married?  Hold on a second, it's not just any wine bottle. This is one that is custom etched in glass with your personalized proposal.  It could be custom etched on your favorite bottle of wine. (Or maybe from this day forward it will be your favorite bottle of wine.) The wine bottle is personalized with your custom sentiments etched on the bottle.  It could include a poem or a engraved picture of the two of you.  It could have cute sayings the just the two of you understand.  Perhaps it has a wrap around design the covers the whole bottle. In any case this is your back up, because it will have the immortal words of "Will you marry me?" etched in glass in case you are the one choked up and tearful.  Consider this your wine-man for the big reveal. 

 Custom Etched Proposal Wine Bottle Engagement Couple

In all seriousness, a custom etched wine bottle for a proposal is a HUGE trend. We get requests for all sorts of occasions:  At a restaurant with the sommelier presenting the special customized bottle with the engraved proposal, surprising the bride to be.  At a picnic in a park or at the beach, where the etched proposal bottle magically appears out of the picnic basket or pack.  At a party in the back yard (see above), perhaps with matching etched wine glasses as well. The opportunities to be creative are endless. The bonus in the age of social media, is that an engraved wine bottle is the perfect way to set the scene for the Instagram or Snapchat post. 


Of course there's going to be a little bit of nerves before the event.  Anything to reduce the stress is certainly a relief. Great customer service makes the process super easy and fun.  Understanding what you want to accomplish and getting the details just right is all important.  Work with professionals, such as Etching Expressions, that know how to enhance your proposal and deliver a great finished product that will be a forever keepsake of your special day. 

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