5 Wines for Valentine's Day Custom Etched Wine

5 Wines You Must Try this Valentine's Day

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5 Wines You Must Try this Valentine's

By Heidi Jones

Valentine's is an extraordinary day for loved ones. The day is for showcasing love and admiration for those people you hold dear. This means for you to make it unique, you need to pick the right wine to make a toast to your loved ones. There are choices that you can consider. These include single-vineyard wines, low alcohol wines, splurge wines, or canned wines. You can also decide to opt for red, sparkling, rose, or white wine. The decision you make will determine the day you are going to have. In case you know nothing about wines, you are going to find the information below to be a lifesaver. Here is a list of the top five wines that you must try this Valentine's.

5 Wines for Valentine's Day

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Tesco Finest Saint-Mont 2016

If you want a great wine that is going to fit the occasion without breaking the bank, then you should consider Tesco Finest St-Mont 2016. The wine comes with a fantastic bottle with an excellent design. It originates from southwest France, and so be sure that it is precisely what you need to dazzle your better half. What makes this white wine special is its remarkable blend of fruits that gives it an excellent flavor.

The blend consists of pear and bruised apple making it one of the best Valentine's wines. You will also feel a hint of black pepper, which gives it a simple and tolerable twist. It is the kind of wine that you can enjoy best with desserts such as cheese. It can also go well with seafood like oysters, shrimps, and fish. You can also have it alone as you try to catch up or if you want to enjoy the crispy feel of the wine.

5 Wines for Valentines Day

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2018 Gérard Bertrand Côte de Roses Rosé

Nothing ever goes wrong with a glass of rosé wine. Unlike other bottles of wine, this special Valentine wine comes with both class and elegance. Everything from the packaging to its delicious taste screams romance. It is the perfect wine to take while surrounded by petals of red roses and candles. The good thing about gérard Bertrand cote de roses rosé is that it plays the part well thanks to its bottle design. At the bottom, the bottle takes a rose shape giving it the romantic vibe.

Coupling that with the remarkable taste makes it a perfect choice. The glass stopper also adds elegance to the mix as well as some class. The wine boasts of a balanced flavor of raspberry, lemon zest, cherry, and hints of herbs. Its perfect replacement is Je t'aime wine. That is if, at all, you are looking for something more sparkly and slightly different to suit the occasion.

Carnival of Love Shiraz 2017 Wine

You can twist things up and go bold with this remarkable red wine. Carnival of Love Shiraz 2017 is not only fantastic wine for valentines but also the type of wine that will keep your spouse smiling all evening. To make it even better, you can have a custom etched wine bottle as a way of expressing your love and affection. The wine is famous for its remarkable topnotch Mollydooker feel. Coupling that with its array of bold and lovely aromas makes it an incredible wine for Valentine’s Day.

It boasts a strong dark fruity fragrance. You can also feel the deep taste of cedar, and that alone is enough to make your day perfect. It comes with a cherry palate with satin flavors as well as a taste of satsuma plum. There is also some taste of licorice and dark chocolate, which gives it a perfect finish. On the tough, you can feel that creamy and velvety texture. There are also some slight tastes of tannins as well as red raspberry notes. All that blend comes together to form an incredibly tasty wine.

5 Wines for Valentines

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Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon

Two hands sexy beast cabernet sauvignon wine by McLaren Vale is one of the wines that can quickly transform your Valentine's day into a special romantic day. It is the kind of wine that you have while having one of those dates that only the two of you are present. The wine is lush with an excellent flavor profile designed to make your day enjoyable. The label speaks volumes, and the taste confirms your love for your spouse. Everything about this wine makes it one of the best wine choices for valentines.

As soon as you open the bottle, you are going to feel the sweet aroma of scorched earth and cassis. You can then smell the scent of aromatic wood, cigar ash, and wild herb, which makes it suitable for having under the moonlight. The wine has a taste of red and blue currant with classic cabernet palate. The slight acidity makes it great for combining it with fatty beef and another game barbeque.

5 Wines for Valentines  Day

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B.R. Cohn Chardonnay 2016

You can also decide to make your day more interesting by having a glass of B.R. Cohn Chardonnay wine. The white wine originates from the south of Sonoma Valley, and it offers a remarkable taste. The bottle is classy and impressive, more so if you are after proving your partner's value to you. Its alcohol content is just enough to keep you in the mood to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

On the nose, the wine gives out scents of honeydew melon, crème brûlée, and finishes off with a touch of baking spice. It also consists of the taste of Meyer lemon, pear, cantaloupe, crushed chalk, and hazelnut cream. There are also hints of ripe fruit and a palate of toasty oak. The finish is not only clean but perfect. That makes it a wise choice for an indoor date during Valentine’s Day.

5 Wines for Valentines

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Those are so far some of the best wines that you should consider having this Valentine's. Each of the wines has its distinct elegance with every bottle showcasing class. They also bring about the love and romance aspect from their labeling, and their taste is excellent to make the evening great. All you need is a beautiful setting to make the day a success.







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