Wine Tasting: Rombauer Vineyards

March 04, 2020

rombauer custom etched wine gift

Our work is never done.  We are always looking for outstanding wine to custom etch or custom label.  Name brand wines are often in demand for a variety of projects and occasions, so staying abreast of the latest releases is a must in our industry.



Today we tasted five amazing wines from Rombauer Vineyards.  Rombauer is a third generation family-owned Napa Valley vineyard. Their wines have garnered all sorts of awards and accolades, including the number one selling Chardonnay in the +$25 price point.



They take sustainable wine making and quality control to an extreme. For example, it normally takes a dozen bottles of water to make a standard bottle of wine. Rombauer does it with less then two gallons.  Heavily invested in technology, they optically scan each grape and automatically reject grapes that aren't up to snuff. The result is an environmentally friendly wine that has a consistent taste from year to year. 



The wine was amazing. 



We tried Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and a Sauvignon Blanc. Without a doubt Rombauer wines definitely punch above their weight on taste and price.  Full bodied, lusciously smooth, these wines hit all the right notes.  Sometimes you get a winery that’s good with whites, but weak on reds (or vice versa); not so with Rombauer.  The quality across the board was excellent.  The whites are great and so are the reds.   



These are very approachable wines that will appeal to a wide range of palettes from the beginner to the oenophile. 



We all agreed that Rombauer wines would make excellent canvases for custom etching or custom label projects.  So when considering upgrading your wine on the next custom etched or labeled gift project, ask for Rombauer! 



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