Unforgettable Parties

5 Ways to Throw Unforgettable Parties

Unforgettable Parties

What separates unforgettable parties from unremarkable parties? It can be any number of things, from the mix of guests, to the food, to the music. The key to an unforgettable party is the right mix of the essential party elements.

1.  Unforgettable Venue Equals An Unforgettable Party

Not all parties can be held at the Del Coronado Hotel, or a ranch in Wyoming, but any party venue can be decorated to match the theme of the party. Instead of traditional overhead lighting, personalized etched wine bottles, with candles in, can supplement discrete lamps to create mellow, flattering lighting. Unless your guests are all under 25, they may need to drink an entire personalized wine bottle before they’re comfortable in harsh lighting. Full engraved wine bottles, with a similar design to the personalized etched wine bottles used for candles, will help carry your theme through the unforgettable party.

2.  Unforgettable Guests Can Make for Unforgettable Parties

There’s one, at least, in every crowd. You know, the person who can talk to anybody and make people comfortable. They’re going to be mingling anyway, so why not take advantage of that and hand these gregarious people engraved wine bottles and personalized wine glasses to carry around while they circulate. I’m not suggesting replacing the wait staff, just providing an engraved wine bottle to help these gregarious souls get the party started. The engraved bottle of wine is a fantastic conversation starter and these guests will highlight your personalized wine bottles while starting conversations. Of course if the party starters get tipsy toward the end of the evening, you might want to exchange their engraved wine bottles for personalized glasses. You don’t want your beautiful personalized etched wine bottles to make it an unforgettable party for the wrong reason.

3.  Unforgettable Parties Start With Personalized Wine and Food

At unforgettable parties, along with wonderful food, you will want to have a personalized wine selection. A unique way to present the personalized wine selections is to put each type in a different personalized wine bottle. For example, if the party is for somebody’s 50th birthday, you could use pictures from different stages of the person’s life on engraved bottles of wine. White wine in an engraved wine bottle with a picture of the person in their 20’s with a more current picture on a personalized etched wine bottle containing red wine. Also, a childhood picture might be fun on an engraved wine bottle containing dessert wine. When personalized wine is poured from personalized etched wine bottles, and served in personalized wine glasses, it truly does make for unforgettable parties.  

4.  Unforgettable Parties Should Have Amazing Music

Of course some unforgettable parties feature unforgettable musical guest performing, maybe even one holding an engraved wine bottle and personalized glasses. Since everyone is paying attention, this can be as loud as you want. However, if the music is strictly for background ambiance, it doesn’t need to be extremely loud. Music is like personalized wine, not everybody is going to like your taste. People leaving unforgettable parties don’t remember the music, they remember the people, the food and possibly the personalized etched wine bottles.

5.  Unforgettable Parties Include Unforgettable Swag Bags

The Oscars give them out and so can you, unforgettable parties have unforgettable swag bags. Try to be creative and keeping within your theme. If you’re celebrating a 50th birthday, then engraved wine bottles with a picture of the honoree wrapped in a rich-looking leather box is sure to be a hit. An idea for the invitation that always gets attention is to order a personalized etched wine bottles representing each decade of the person’s life. When you line them up, and take a picture, it tells the story of the person’s life. The picture of the personalized wine bottles is perfect for the front of the invitation and sets the theme for the party. 

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