Loving Messages

10 Creative Ways to Express Loving Messages

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Loving Messages

Of course, you know how to say “I love you” to the people you love and you send them sweet heartfelt messages. Love is a precious gift to be treasured and you should show your love constantly. One of the most important ways to show your love is to put down your phone and pay complete attention to the other person. It’s probably the best way to convey loving messages since your attention is a precious gift. But not necessarily the only gift. It’s not always easy finding a new and creative way to express your heartfelt message, so here are 10 imaginative ideas for conveying your loving messages.


1.  Express Your Heartfelt Message With A “Love Bottle”

When you put your sweet heartfelt message of love, and a picture of the two of you, on a wine or champagne bottle, you have created a personalized keepsake gift that will be cherished for the precious gift it is. This is how to say I love you with class and creativity.


2.  Propose with A Personalized Keepsake Gift with Your Heartfelt Message

A lot of people announce their engagement by showing a picture of the ring and a sweet heartfelt message. Now the ring is definitely how to say I love you, but the ring photo lacks creativity. A more creative way to show your love is to order a personalized keepsake gift bottle of wine or champagne engraved with your loving message and a picture of the two of you. The photo of your heartfelt message on the bottle being held by a hand wearing the ring will show your love to the world.


3.  Send Loving Messages to the Cook in Your Life

Food equals love to many people. If you’re looking for how to say I love you with a loving message on a precious gift for the cook in your life, this personalized olive oil & vinegar set will show your love and express your sweet heartfelt message perfectly.


4.  Personal Loving Messages for Mother’s Day

A fantastic way to show your love for mom is with a customized wine or olive oil bottle showing the entire family along with a loving message from you. You know this personalized keepsake gift, with your sweet heartfelt message, will be on display in her home, and heart, forever.


5.  This is How to Say “I Love You” to a Bridal Couple

Many bridal couples today aren’t starting housekeeping from scratch, they already have household goods, often too many. So, how to say “I love you” and send loving messages to the couple? A personalized wedding bottle of wine or Champagne, with a sweet heartfelt message from you, is the ideal way to show your love. This personalized keepsake gift will remind them of your loving message each time they look at it.

6.  Precious Gifts as Wedding Party Favors

How to say I love you to the people in your wedding party. After all, they are your best friends that all deserve precious gifts as wedding favors for all the work they are putting into your big day. Since most people don’t need another robe or generic bottle of liquor, why not put your loving message on customized olive oil and vinegar sets or personalized wedding wine or Champagne bottles. These precious gifts will show your love and brighten their tables with your sweet heartfelt message.  


7.  Send Heartfelt Messages to the Bridal Couple’s Parents and Grandparents

In all the loving messages and gift giving associated with a wedding, sometimes the bridal couple’s parents, and grandparents, are overlooked. When you think about how to say I love you to a parent, it’s hard to know where to start. A sweet heartfelt message and a photo or etching of the bridal couple on a customized olive oil and vinegar set is something most moms would cherish. And what dad wouldn’t proudly display a custom designed wine bottle with a heartfelt message and illustration of the bridal couple. The best part is, they’ll be just as thrilled with the loving messages as with the gift itself.


8.  Long-Lasting & Loving Messages for the Holidays

One idea for how to say I love you over the holidays is a personalized holiday bottle. This personalized keepsake gift is a fun and creative way to display your loving message. If you’re looking for ideas about how to say I love you and a way to display a heartfelt message for a cook, a customized olive oil and vinegar set is perfect. The old saying about gifts is, “it’s the thought that counts.” With these creative, customized gifts it will be obvious that you put a lot of thought into it, and the loving messages it contains.


9.  Christmas is the Season of Love and Precious Gifts

Christmas is a big gift-giving season and what better way to send heartfelt messages to your loved ones than with personalized holiday wine gifts or gift sets. A fun, and sentimental, idea for parents or grandparents is a personalized holiday wine bottle representing each child or grandchild. That way, when they’re lined up, the whole family is together. Of course, you would want to create a personalized wine bottle for the parents, or grandparents, too so the family is complete. Think about how thrilled your family will be with your thoughtful personalized keepsake gift of personalized wine bottles.

10. A Gift Just to Show Your Love

You send heartfelt messages to people all the time, not just on “regular” gift-giving occasions. The real beauty of the “just because” gift is there are no rules or expectations. This is an opportunity to literally show your love with a beautifully engraved bottle of wine, champagne, liquor or olive oil featuring a picture with great sentimental value to the receiver. Such a bottle will never end up in the recycling and every time the receiver shows it off, they’ll be highlighting your loving message and thoughtfulness.

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