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Mini Wine Bottles, the Wedding Planner’s Go-To Party Favor

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When people think wedding favors, they often think Jordan almonds. However, event organizers know that most people like wine and Champagne way more than Jordan almonds. This is why customized mini wine bottles are the go-to party favor for countless wedding planners today.

Mini Wine Bottles, the “Fun” Wedding Favor

Personalized wine bottles, especially the mini wine bottles, are the ideal wedding favor because they’re something people want, combined with a keepsake people will actually keep. These fun mini wine bottles can be filled with your choice of red winewhite wine, champagne. There are different techniques for personalizing mini wine bottles, these include:

  • Printed labels, this method gives you the most variety as far as color and type size since the labels are printed for your personalized wine bottles. If you are ordering mini wine bottles as both wedding favors and gifts for members of the wedding, you can change the artwork on the bottles for each use.

  • Custom etched artworkyou provide the art that wine bottle artist will carve for a completely customized personal wine bottle.

  • Glass engravingyou can get intricate details and type personal messages on your mini wine bottles using the sand carving technique. Since this technique is based on the artwork you provide, you can order mini wine bottles in bulk knowing they’ll all be identical & etched to perfection. This makes it the perfect technique in personalizing mini wine bottles for wedding favors.

Buy Mini Wine Bottles in Bulk & Save

Wedding favors and gifts for the wedding party are often some of the last details covered when planning a wedding. By choosing mini wine bottles for a variety of uses, you can order the mini wine bottles in bulk early and cross that off your list.

You might want to order some personal wine bottles with a paper label, filled with Champagne, for the Champagne toast. If each guest receives two, they can toast with the Champagne in one mini wine bottle and take the other home as a keepsake. Or the personalized wine bottle they take home could feature an etched photo of the bride and groom with the wedding date, filled with white wine or red wine. That’s one wedding favor that will not be thrown away and any extras will not go to waste.

Bottles of White or Red Wine as Party Favor Gifts

The wedding party gifts should be personal but also useful and fun. Personalized wine bottles, that are engraved with an individual message, can make delightful gifts for the wedding party. The personal wine bottles can have a theme, like the wedding couple’s engagement photo, with a personalized message underneath.

The messages and type of wine in the bottle can be customized for the people receiving it. One example is the couples engagement photo with a message from the bride to her attendants on a bottle of white wine, and a message from the groom to his groomsmen on a bottle of red wine or liquor. If the couple wants to give souvenir bottles to their parents and grandparents, the same photo with a message of love on a bottle of Champagne or olive oil will be a cherished keepsake.

Actually, gifts for the whole family can be designed using mini wine bottles. What a cherished wedding keepsake mini wine bottles, with a sweet message, make for the entire family. Since the family’s mini wine bottles would all have the same message, you could buy the mini wine bottles in bulk to save more on your purchase.

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