Etching Expressions at the San Diego Fair

To the Fair! It's OzSome!

Not every day is work for us at Etching Expressions.  Sometimes we have fun too! One of our recent traditions is to take a half day off and go to the San Diego County Fair. 

We love to trade wine for something good.  Our personalized etched wine is always a hit, and we are very fortunate to have had some great customers that we can barter customized wine for some great deals for our employees.  In the past we had done family zoo days at the World Famous San Diego Zoo, where we traded several four bottle sets of customized wine bottles; each bottle with a different animal etched into the glass.  This year we traded San Diego Fair bottles for tickets to get in for all our employees. 

Etching Expressions at the San Diego County Fair

This year it was the destination was the fair. So we shut down the computers and closed the doors and headed to Del Mar for some fun in the sun.  We picked last Friday since it's kids-get-in-free-day: So this was a company family affair. 

By way of reference, the San Diego County Fair is the largest county fair in the US and the fifth largest fair of any kind. With over 4,000 attractions there is plenty to do and stay busy.  This year's theme was OZsome!, because of the tie in with l. Frank Baum famously writing The Wizard of Oz in San Diego. 

Every year we meet at the paddock.  And every year we get the same question: What's a paddock?  Since we meet at the Del Mar racetrack, there is a paddock outside the track.  A paddock is where the horses parade before races (see below).  At this point we rendezvous and I get to give out ride & game cards for each employee and guest.  

Etching Expressions at the San Diego County Fair

Everyone got to take some scary rides, look at cute livestock, attempt to win some stuffed animals at the many carnival games or indulge in the most crazy decadent food imaginable.  While they did have some deep fried Kool-Aid crème brulee, my favorite was a seven layer smores die for.

We are blessed to have such wonderful customers that allow us to treat our employees so well.  The smiles and memories are so gratifying.  We thank you for your business and support. Come join us next year. 






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