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Handcrafted Gifts: The Care That Makes Personalized Wine Gifts

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We often get asked about how we make our personalized etched wine bottles.  The key ingredient is the skill and care that our people put into every bottle.  Without a doubt our people are the secret ingredient. 

All our custom wine gifts are completely, 100% handcrafted. All our work is made in the USA at our factory in San Diego, California.  Unlike most manufacturers, we don't have machines that we can load product into, press a button and have a finished product.  From start to finish your personalized gift is in our capable hands.  

Each personalized wine bottle has a custom mask created, then applied and taped to a bottle, then it's custom sand carved (sand blasted), painted, the mask removed, cleaned, inspected, prepped for shipment and finally packed.  Each of those steps is lovingly done by a human. 

Personalized Etched Wine Bottle Handcrafted

As each personalized wine bottle is carefully handcrafted the process, of course, takes a little time. That's the second most popular question: How long does it take to get a personalized wine bottle? 

That depends most on the people. 

Some of our artisans have been with the company for almost a decade: Each personalized wine order includes that expertise, skill and creativity. Even our "short timers" have been with the company for several years now. So by having such talented people we are able to produce quality gifts faster than any competitor. 

Usually, we can create and finish a custom wine gift in two to three days for single orders and five to seven days for larger orders. That's incredibly fast for a completely custom gift, of which we are very proud. 

In the end you are sure to get a standout wine gift; a unique memento that will be treasured for a long time.   

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