Personalized Etched Tequila 50th Birthday Present

Personalized Happy Birthday Tequila: Celebrating a Half-Century +1 Milestone

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"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Scott, Happy Birthday to you." 

What better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than with a gift that will endure and be appreciated.  

Our good friend, Scott, celebrated his 50th birthday recently.  It only took him a year to get around to accepting the fact that he's at the half-century mark. (Welcome to the club my friend.) 

He's a big tequila lover, so he's one of the easiest people to gift.  Tequila, tequila and more tequila are always good options.  With a plethora of tequila choices:  There are many options.  What do you give someone that has a few dozen tequila bottles? How can you create a moment and memento that will stand out and endure at the same time? 

Personalization is always, always a great option.  First we start with a great foundation. We selected a Casamigos Blanco bottle. Casamigos is the tequila owned by the actor George Clooney.  It's got his signature on the bottle, so it gotta be good! 

Custom Etched Tequila Bottle.

Riffing on the theme for the party (from the invite), we created a personalized cheeky design that incorporated a "Happy Birthday" greeting, his name, age, and a little humor.  Customizing the tequila bottle really made it stand out.  This gift of a personalized tequila bottle was unlike anything else he received; It stands out.  All the other guests were oohing and ahhing at the design and the sentiment. 

Scott was super stoked to get a cool custom gift to add to his collection (which includes a few other personalized tequila bottles from previous celebrations, for sure). 

What would your reaction be to getting your own personalized happy birthday tequila bottle? 






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