Hall and Walt Wines Custom Etched Wine

Perfection: Hall and Walt Wines

We were treated today with a tasting of several of the more prominent varietals from Hall and Walt Wines.  

This winery named for the wife and husband team that created the winery over 20 years ago. Kathryn Hall great up around wine and she collaborate with her husband Craig Hall to get into the wine business. They went from amateur winemakers to recipients of an elusive perfect score from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate. 

First off.  Hall Wines refer to any of their wines grown in Napa Valley. Walt (Kathryn's maiden name) refer to any of their wines grown everywhere else. 

We tried a flight of six of their most popular wines.  

We started with two whites: Sauvignon Blanc from Hall Wines. This is a very refreshing and creamy Sauvignon Blanc.  Not bitter, but very smooth with a great finish. Perfect for a picnic of hanging out on the patio. 

Next we sipped the Walt Chardonnay (Sonoma Coast).  This was a very light and drinkable Chardonnay. Not heavy or excessively oak tasting. Delicious. 

We then moved on to the reds, starting with a a very drinkable Walt Pinot Noir.  This is a great wine with a burger or steak on a summer night.  To really kick it up, we sampled "Bob's Ranch" Pinot Noir. This is named for Kathryn's father that got her hook on to wine growing as a kid.  This is a special wine. Exceptionally smooth.  Serve this if you want to impress. 

Finally we finished with the two Cabernet Sauvignon's: Hall Wines Cabernet Sauvignon and the signature Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon.  Both were exquisite, but the wine makers Cab is definitely head and shoulders above the group. 

I sampling new wines and finding gems that I can share.  This winery is smack in the middle of the radar screen now.  Excellent wines from top to bottom. I fact we learned that all six wines received scores of 90 or better, so there is not a bad one in the bunch. 

Hall and Walt Wines are now available for custom etching and personalized labeling.  These standout wine would make excellent canvases for custom etching, resulting in the perfect gift. 



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