Custom Corvette Birthday Wine

Corvette Custom Birthday Wine

"I promise you, I'll get you a Corvette for your birthday!"

Said one of our good customers, Theresa, to her friend Gerry.  Little did he know that he would only be getting the drinking kind of Vette and not the driving kind.  No matter, we still think this custom wine bottle is "king of the road," especially on a fully custom magnum cabernet sauvignon Bordeaux wine bottle.   

While searching through some images, I found this gem and thought I'd share it here. 

We custom tailored the paint job to match the specs that for the Gerry's ideal '67 Corvette down to the two-toned ivory and teal paint job and chrome trim.  Before even starting to paint we had to find just the right drawing of a '67 Corvette, one ready to take the open road. 

What do you think of this Happy Birthday wine bottle?  Would this bottle take you back a few years? 

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