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Housewarming Gifts: Etched Memories to Celebrate a Milestone

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We are constantly challenged to find the perfect gift, are we not?  What do you get someone that just made the purchase of a lifetime?: A plant, some flowers, chocolates, a picture frame with a cute saying about how "Home is where the heart is?" Nice. Thoughtful. But not impactful. 

The simple answer is to personalized your gift.  The hard part is finding just the right source that can make your "perfect" housewarming into a reality. 

At Etching Expressions, we pride ourselves on making dreams reality.  Our skilled artisans produce the finest quality personalized etched bottles found anywhere.  We custom etch any glass, but adult beverages--wine, beer and spirits are our specialty. 

Take the example above. This is a personalized Patron Tequila bottle for Britteny & David.  Our customer came to us looking for a housewarming present with just that little something extra.  We could have done it on a vase or wine bottle, but doing it on a tequila bottle knowing that Patron is the couples' favorite spirit elevates this gift.  Spirits make awesome presents, since they have a long shelf life and the bottle can easily be refilled If and when consumed.

What do you think Brittney and David's reaction would be to receiving this bottle? 

Would you be stoked to get this as your housewarming present? 

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