Personalize Engagement Champagne: The Gift That Makes an Impact

July 01, 2019

Personalized Engagement Champagne Bottle

Celebrating an engagement is one of the happiest times in anyone's life.  Commemorating this event takes a special gift.  We think personalized champagne bottles make the perfect present for any happy couple. 

Champagne, or sparkling wine, is often associated with celebrations. It's often poured as a toast for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and diplomatic formalities. It's used to launch ships and it's the go to beverage at about 11:45pm on December 31st every year.  When businesses have something special to celebrate; out comes the bubbly.  Of course you could argue with some conviction that every day at 5pm is a great time to celebrate with champagne as well. 

An engagement is definitely at the top of this list for all time great things to celebrate in ones life.

Personalizing a bottle of your (or their) favorite champagne is without a doubt an awesome present. Our custom etched champagne gifts really stand out and are treasured for years. We of course custom etch the engaged couples names on the champagne bottle and perhaps a date to memorialize when the proposal took place.  Most popular is etching a photograph on the champagne bottle. Usually the photo is of the couple together or, as the bottle of Travis and Jill above shows, we catch the couple in the act of proposing (and accepting).  A photograph of the ring is also popular as are sentimental poems with a love theme. 

Gifting a personalized etched champagne bottle for an occasion such as engagement is sure to turn ordinary gift giving into an extraordinary experience.  

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