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We had a nice surprise yesterday; our representative from Groth Vineyards and Winery pay us a visit.  As part of our never ending quest to find the best wines, both for the palate and wallet, we sample a wine range of wines from all over.  We offer the widest selection of wines on which to custom etch and label.  Our research is a must in order to present you with the best. 

Groth Wines are from Oakville in Napa Valley. They are right in the same neighborhood of some of the most well know wines in the world, such as Opus One and Silver Oak.  We tried four wines: two whites and two reds.  

The Sauvignon Blanc is an refreshing light wine. It presents melon and citrus characteristics in both aroma and flavor.  Excellent for a summer outing on the patio or beach or with appetizers.  The sea-through qualities of the Sauvignon Blanc wine makes this an outstanding candidate to do a reverse etch, (see-through the bottle) custom etch.  Perfect for bridal party gifts and birthdays. 

The Chardonnay is a subtle yet bold. Flavorful and buttery, but not overwhelming.  Perfect complement for salads, fish or pasta dishes. As a custom etched wine bottle, this is exceptional value for the white wine drinker. 

The Cabernet Sauvignon is big and lush with huge gobs of fruit in the flavor and aroma.  Hints of berries abound in this soft and luscious wine.  Outstanding cab, without being overwhelming.  Excellent value for being an Oakville Cabernet.  This would make an amazing personalized etched bottle for executives or for special occasions. 

The Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is simply an amazing wine. As the flagship wine, it retains all the flavors and subtlety of a quintessential Oakville Cabernet. This bottle is designed to age well and would make the perfect custom etched bottle for discriminating wine drinkers as this bottle is designed to last.  The would make a great 10 or 20 year wedding anniversary gift because it would age well over time. 

Overall this was an excellent tasting and research session.  All four wines were universally found to be outstanding. These are really four very strong candidates for a full range of custom etched wine projects.  Contact us and we can get started on your project. 

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