Custom Wine Gifts for Car Buyers

Custom Etched Wine Gifts for Car Buyers

One of the successful partnership programs we've created is with several car dealerships that gift a custom etched wine bottle as a closing gift. 

After every sales as a thank you, the car dealers have us send a personalized wine bottle to their customer as a memento of their purchase. 

There are several options. We've done generic etched wine bottles "Thanks from..." or "Congratulations from (such and such car dealer)." We've also done vehicle specific custom designs with the exact model that the customer just purchased.  We can complete the personalization by adding the customers name and purchase date to the custom bottle as well. 

Custom Etched Wine Gift for Car Buyers

Selecting just the right closing gift adds a touch of class and intimacy to any transaction.  The customer has just invested, not just a lot of money in a new car purchase, but also a good deal of time to get through the entire buying process.  Sure you can just take their check and think that the custom is happy, hunky dory with their new wheels.  The smart sales professional, however, is not content to turn just one $50K or $75K sale.  No, she wants to create a lifelong customer;  one that will be a source of referrals for friends and family.  How do you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary?  Personalized gifting is the answer. 

Surprise and wow the customer! Elevate and rev up the entire car buying experience.  Everyone loves a nice surprise and everyone relates to personalized gifts. Personalized wine bottles are the perfect solution as they strike the right balance between not being too this or too that. Nearly everyone loves receiving wine. Custom Champagne bottles are always a good option to commemorate a celebration. There are even non-alcoholic options for sparkling, wine and olive oil if that makes more sense. With a volume plan, the price for personalized etched wine gifts is amazingly affordable. 

Porsche Wine Gifts Customized

Additionally, at Etching Expressions "brand" each personalized wine bottle with the dealer's name and number, so the contact information will always remain close at hand.  

Receiving a personalized wine bottle will endear the custom to the sales person and the dealer.  The customer will appreciate the caring and thoughtfulness that a personalized wine bottle conveys.  The gifting experience will extend and complement the purchasing experience.  Then when a friend mentions that they are in the market for a new car or when it's time to for a trade-in and upgrade, which dealer do you think they will turn to? 


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