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Champagne and Purses: Making Good on Our Mistakes

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A little twist on the old saying: "When life gives you Champagne, start pouring." 

Well we had a lot of Champagne and we where pouring big time for Champagne and Purses recently.  Champagne and Purses is a huge fundraisers for It's All About The Kids, Always a blast, this event combines fashion and Champagne!  We were pleased to be pouring all night long as the over 250 guest enjoyed the evening tasting some of the finest San Diego cuisine, enjoying fabulous music, imbibing on local drinks and of course enjoying the fashion. 

Champagne and Purses Custom Champagne from Etching Expressions

This year's theme was floral, so everyone was decked out in their brightest spring and summer attire.  

Champagne and Purses Custom Champagne

We are proud to support It's All About The Kids as one of our designated charities.  The group, lead by the indomitable Angela Brannon-Baptiste, feeds underserved families and youth right in our neighborhood of Barrio Logan in San Diego. Each week they provide enough food for over 1000 people to eat. This past weekend over 9,461 meals were given to kids and their families!  In the past 22 months 421,940 meals have been provided to local kids and their families.  A lot of the people served don't have food security because they are working poor and don't have enough to buy good food to eat. Most of the kids get free and reduced lunch at school.  Over weekend and especially during the summer when school is out, It's All About The Kids fills the need and provides extra meals.  Truly this is a worthy cause.

Champagne and Purses Custom Champagne from Etching Expressions

At Etching Expressions, we do our small part by donating wine to various fundraising events.  We take our mistake bottles; the ones that for whatever reason don't pass our quality standards for etching quality, but which have perfectly good wine inside and donate these to the group.  These etched wine and champagne bottles were going to be customized for our various clients. Maybe even your bottle!  With the etching process there is no "undo." Once a bottle is sand carved, the glass is cut and there's no going back.  Usually etched wine bottles will be rejected because some of the tiny letters get blown out or perhaps the mask shifted and we got some overspray.  The wine inside is perfectly good.  So we donate the bottles: Cases of wine for a good cause.  Champagne and Purses is one of our favorite events.  And for this evening, we poured more Champagne than ever before, keeping everyone happy and in the mood. 


Champagne and Purses Custom Champagne from Etching Expressions


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