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Why is Deep Etching the Bomb for My Personalized Wine Gift?

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Gifting is that awesome emotional interaction where through the process of giving we receive as much if not more than the recipient. It’s a process that rewards, but that we often struggle with. 


There’s the whole scramble with finding the right gift. We seek high and low for “The Perfect Present.” Then just when the right present is found, there’s the whole anticipation of the reaction of the recipient: “She’s going to love this!”


The orchestration of the presentation is of course paramount. What is the gifting experience going to bring? Once the event of the big reveal occurs, we get that endorphin rush that makes the experience indelible. Later, and for a long period of time, we bask in the afterglow of a job well done.


As admittedly we’re somewhat biased (OK, perhaps a little more than “somewhat”). In any case, we think personalized gifts make the most awe-inspiring presents. Who doesn’t love getting a gift that is thoughtful with perhaps your name, logo or photograph staring back at you? Personalized gifts scream thoughtfulness! It takes time to pull a personalized present together. It means you care. Personalized presents also stand the test of time. It’s not easy discarding a present you’re your name, logo or photo on it. We are taught from an early age to label our things with our name so they don’t get lost, because they are special or valuable. Anything with your name on it has a certain stickiness that causes them to stay around.


We have a weak spot for wine. Apparently many other people enjoy wine as well. Think of holiday white elephant gift exchanges. The game where you can steal presents from other people if you don’t like your fruitcake. The two most popular items to be stolen are coffee and wine.


We think marrying wine and personalized to create “personalized wine bottles,” is a winning combination. Voila! In an instant we have “The Perfect Present” because pretty much anything combined with wine is sublime.


What is a personalized wine bottle? There are two methods of personalization, custom labeling or custom etching. As someone that does this for a living: Custom etching is the way to go. Custom labeling is great for cost-effective projects where low cost is a driving factor. However, for presentation, impact and durability, etching has so many advantages.


Our deep etch sand-carving process creates a textured recess so the etching feels great. The deep grooves allow for color fills of multiple colors, so the process also looks great.  


Etched bottles designs are durable. They don’t rub or wear off. On white wine and Champagne, the bottles can be dunked in water for chilling with no worry about washing off like labels might.


Custom etched bottles stand out. In a crowded marketplace with so many nearly instant options, personalized etched wine bottles get noticed. You can’t get personalized etched wine gifts on Amazon. You can’t buy custom etched bottles at the mall. These capture your attention and keep it. Ah...The Perfect Present. 

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