Best Friends Gift: Make It Personal

Best Friends Gift: Make It Personal

Hopefully we all have friends—the good ones—that are really near and dear to our heart. You know the ones: The partners in crime during the road trip junior year. The buddy that witnessed every embarrassing and funny moment since Ms. Smith’s 7th grade English class. These are the ones that have “been there done that” with us. Most importantly, it’s the friends that have been there for us every step of the way.


As we celebrate milestones with our good friends, we often find ourselves at a loss as to how to commemorate these special events. Perhaps the event is a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or divorce (hopefully not). When gifting most people strive toward finding the most perfect, memorable gift—the one that generates…Wow!   But what can you get someone for his or her 50th birthday, when you’ve already celebrated at least 35 prior birthdays?


Something personalized is always a surefire bet.


As we sell personalized etched wine bottles, I’m obligated to plug what we offer. However I really believe in our product. Here’s why:


Wine is a gift that is always appreciated and it’s something that is often shared. I love that aspect of personalized etched wine…it’s a gift that becomes even greater because it’s meant to be shared with friends and families. The gift creates an event and makes a memory. Then because a personalized etched wine bottle is customized with pictures, names, dates and sentiments, you want to keep it. I etch wine bottles for a living and I can’t bring myself to part with a bottle that has meaning. A personalized etched wine bottle is a lasting keepsake that will evoke pleasant memories and strengthen connections with that special someone. 

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