Personalized Etched Vodka Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors: Personalized Etched Mini Absolute Vodka Bottles

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Unique party favors is something we do really well. Our personalized etched glassware is something you can't find at Party City or at the mall, so it really gets noticed.  

We get many requests for specific projects. This project was for a wedding cocktail reception from a repeat customer. The bride and groom wanted standout party favors to have available as table favors for their guests.  As you can see from the picture, this is a few notches above printed matchbooks. 

For this project we at Etching Expressions custom etched the bride and groom's initials and their wedding date onto a 50ml bottle of Absolute Vodka. 

These are the tiny airplane size bottles, so they are really small. Not 50ml mini bottles are glass, so if they are plastic we can't etch plastic.  We might be able to do a custom label, but its so much classier for an etch, that we recommend to stick with glass bottles. Even for the mini bottles.

Also, being tiny means they don't have a lot of etching area, so economy of words and simplified art is key. In this case the initials and date fit just right. Perfect to slip into your pocket or purse and an uncommon memento for a very special day. 

personalized Etched Absolute Vodka

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