Friends Thanksgiving: Being Creative with Etched Wine Designs

Friends Thanksgiving: Being Creative with Etched Wine Designs

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The unexpected is always so amazing!

Holiday time is such a great time to celebrate. For most folks, wine is such a central part of any celebration. I love how the taste and experience of enjoying a good glass of wine with friends and family is so memorable and enjoyable. Wine is the answer for so many gift-giving dilemmas. Going to a birthday party; bring wine. Retirement party; bring wine. Dinner party; bring wine. You get the idea.

What’s truly unique and special is personalizing any gift. The gifting experience is so much more personal when the gift itself is personalized. That’s one of the things I love about personalized wine, its appreciated and unexpected all at the same time. Personalized wine bottles gets noticed, talked about, and generally makes people smile.

This time of year I treasure getting together with old friends for an annual Friend’s Thanksgiving feast. We always have it the weekend before Thanksgiving. It’s always a blast as we reconnect and catch up. This is a whole house, multiple turkeys, sides galore and desserts that go for days kind of affair. Wine is always shared amidst conversations about soccer games, work updates and kid’s college plans. Often the discussion turn to back in the good old days and we all reminisce about how much fun we had and how simple life was back then.

When opting on what to bring, I’m always up for bringing some wine to share. This year I’m bringing a magnum bottle of Faust Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. This is a full-bodied, really tasty and smooth Cabernet Sauvignon blended Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Of course I bring custom etched wine. This year. I etched “Friends Thanksgiving, November 17, 2018.” An etched turkey was added as a garnish and as a reminder that this is for Turkey Day. I can’t wait to share it. Everyone is always excited to see the new custom etched design. Friends and neighbors take notice since it’s something they had not seen before. It’s always a joy to share what I do and to bring a smile to someone’s face because of the unexpected amazing that they experience.

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