Personalized Christmas Gift Sets That Are Unforgettable

Personalized Christmas Gift Sets That Are Unforgettable

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Customized Christmas gift sets make unforgettable Christmas gifts. But, what Christmas gift sets can you customize into something that people will treasure and enjoy? The best Christmas gift sets are things people use daily and will keep around the house. Here are a couple of ideas for Christmas gift sets that are always treasured.


Olive Oil & Vinegar Gift Sets Are Perfect for Anybody

Custom etched olive oil or personalized vinegar Christmas bottles are something anybody will enjoy. You can customize a Christmas bottle of each, and present them in a laser engraved wooden box, for the ultimate “food gift.” Since the bottles are refillable, this Merry Christmas bottle gift will be kept forever. A wonderful table decoration is a customized all-in-one bottle containing olive oil and vinegar, striking looking and practical. If you personalize it with your own design, but don’t put a recipient’s name on the bottles, you can order several sets at a time. That way you’re always ready with a memorable Christmas gift set for those holiday parties where you need a gift, but don’t have anything. This really works well if your Christmas gifts sets are made up of mini bottles of olive oil, you could do two different kinds of olive oil and your own cute wrapping as the perfect set.


For the Beer Lover, a Personalized Beer Collection

Beer mugs, customized with deep etching, are the foundation of beer lovers’ dream Christmas gift sets. When you put together a set of customized beer mugs, a personalized beer growler containing the craft beer for the party, and a customized large beer bottle for later (or later in the party) you have Christmas gift sets that get the party going.


Elegant Champagne Christmas Gift Sets Are Appreciated Everywhere

Christmas are for celebrating, and a Merry Christmas (or Happy New Year) bottle containing champagne is always welcome. To create elegant champagne Christmas gift sets, you start by customizing a Merry Christmas bottle of champagne, possibly with the person’s name and date, or just a Merry Christmas message from you. Then you add two champagne flutes customized with the a holiday motif or the person’s name (or initials). The final touch is to wrap them in a custom engraved wooden box featuring your customized Christmas gift sets personalized message.


Custom Mini Bottles Make Outstanding Christmas Gift Sets

Mini bottles are one of those things that people just like. They are so cute and, when customized, they make excellent Christmas gift sets. The size of the mini bottles makes them perfect stocking stuffer. Mini bottles are very popular as party favors for Christmas, Thanksgiving and wedding table settings. Personalized mini bottles can contain olive oil, liquor, or wine and can be engraved or labeled. A personalized mini liquor Merry Christmas bottle could feature the person’s name, a cute holiday design, and of course it would contain their favorite liquor. Or the bottle could contain olive oil if they’re into cooking. Actually, Italian olive oil, in engraved mini wine bottles, makes wonderful favors. Mini champagne bottles, filled with champagne, are a favorite table favor as well. Small and elegant, these Christmas gift sets are the perfect combination.


Personalized Liquor Bottles Make Superb Christmas Gift Sets

You can order personalized liquor bottles, for Christmas gift sets, with almost any kind of liquor the Christmas person enjoys: whiskey, rum, tequilla or other spirits. Since the bottles aren’t heated during the etching process, the contents aren’t affected in any way. For a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift set, that will be thoroughly enjoyed, you start with a custom engraved bottle of the person’s favorite liquor. Your message on the bottle will make it something to show off, not hide behind the bar. Add to that some custom etched drinking glasses, such as rocks glasses with a name or initials. You finish your Christmas gift sets by presenting them in a laser engraved wooden box featuring your custom message. Now that’s a gift you can be proud to present, and the recipient will be thrilled to receive. Merry Christmas!

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