7 Benefits of Giving Corporate Thanksgiving Gifts

7 Benefits of Giving Corporate Thanksgiving Gifts

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Holidays are right around the corner. Christmas is of course the big one, but there's that big holiday in November that business professionals often pass over. (hint: It has to do with Turkey and takes place on a Thursday). Skipping past Thanksgiving day for business is a wasted opportunity to make a positive impression.  How so? Here are 7 benefits of giving corporate Thanksgiving gifts: 

You stand out. Christmas gifts pile up by around Dec 20th. Yours is the only one on Nov 20th. You, and your gift, will be remembered and appreciated. To make sure your Thanksgiving gift is remembered throughout the holiday season, personalize it. Not only should your logo or name be on it but the name of the person or business you are giving the gift to. A wonderful holiday gift, that will be appreciated through the holiday season and long after, is a personal etched wine bottle. When people get something with their name on it, they keep it. By etching the receivers name, a brief message, and your name or logo on the bottle, you can be sure your Thanksgiving gift will be kept for a long time.

You are early, so you might get on your client’s gift list. By giving your gift early you not only look thoughtful, you also remind your clients how much you value them and your relationship. Seeing your thoughtful gift, especially if it’s personalized like a personal etched wine bottle, might also remind them that they want to reciprocate. This early gift giving can also save some mixed signals. A working relationship can be damaged when one person or company gives their holiday gifts right before Christmas and then are surprised, or hurt, when the receiver doesn’t reciprocate. A Thanksgiving gift will avoid that scenario entirely.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that everyone celebrates.
Being non-ecumenical it doesn’t favor one religion like Christmas favors Christians. No one is going to be upset because they received a gift for a holiday they don’t believe in and don’t buy gifts for. You don’t have to try to remember, or guess, what holidays people celebrate because everybody celebrates Thanksgiving.
    It’s easy: Everyone has something to be thankful for. Actually, a gift that expresses your thankfulness for your relationship with them would be the perfect Thanksgiving gift. A personal etched wine bottle, that has their name and a message from you about how much you appreciate them being part of your life, makes an appropriately thankful Thanksgiving gift.

    If your Thanksgiving gift is something that can be used on Thanksgiving Day, you will get a lot exposure with your client’s family and friends. A personalized etched wine bottle filled with a good wine or champagne will complement the big meal, or football game, and be a conversation starter. After all, how many people pour wine from a bottle with their name, or their company’s name, on it? A personalized Thanksgiving gift will not only attract attention, but it can also start a discussion about you and your business among the recipient’s friends and family.

    By shopping early, you can snag some great discounts on holiday gifts.
    A lot of companies, especially companies that produce customized gifts, need some lead time. If you wait to order from them at the last minute, you could end up paying rush charges on the gift production and shipping. By getting your order in early you can avoid paying extra charges and are assured of getting a product you will be proud to present as a holiday gift. If you’re buying holiday gifts that aren’t customized a lot of companies have sales in October and early November to clear out some older merchandise. You can save significant money on these items.

    You can avoid some holiday stress by checking holiday gifts off your to do list.
    Everybody is busy in December, no matter what business you’re in. And a lot of people take time off, some companies even close for a week or two. By buying and distributing Thanksgiving gifts, you’re saving yourself some work in December and are much more likely to be able to give the gift to the receiver in person.

      That personalized etched wine bottle will be spending the Christmas holidays with the receiver, and so will a little part of you. Isn’t that what a corporate holiday gift is supposed to do, remind the recipient of you, your company and the business relationship you value. That's something to be thankful for. 

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