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Never Forget! There’s No Excuse for Forgetting Your Anniversary

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Never Forget an Anniversary or Birthday Again

With online calendars, phone notifications and social media keeping track of anniversaries and birthdays, you should never forget important dates. You’ve run out of excuses. Fortunately, thoughtful gifts, thank-you gifts, appreciation gifts and unique thank-you gifts are easier than ever to purchase, thanks to the internet.

1.  Remember Her Birthday and Anniversary

Yes, we all know men have a harder time remembering things, like dates, than women do. With all the technology available today, you should never forget the birthdays and anniversaries of the people you care about. After all, if your aunt Tracy can remember the day you were born without the help of technology, sending a card and gift from the other side of the country, therefore you should always remember the day you got married.

2.  Shopping Made Easier Online

Thoughtful gifts are not cheap, most people recognize a cheap gift when they see it, so don’t even go there. Every thoughtful gift, thank-you gift, or appreciation gift you could possibly want is available online. All that you need to do is find a store that makes ordering easy and has a reasonable delivery schedule.

3.  Always Personalize Your Gift

Personalizing your gift is how you show that you never forget. It takes creativity, time and planning to come up with a unique, personalized gift. She will never forget the extra effort you put into her gift.

4.  Knowing Her Favorite Beverage Type is Crucial

You should never forget your partner’s favorite wine. Buying her favorite wine shows you care about her enough to pay attention to details. One thoughtful gift is to transform her favorite wine into a keepsake gift by buying it in a personalized wine bottle that expresses your love. After the two of you have finished the wine, you can always refill the bottle and display it as a keepsake. Personalized wine bottles also make unique thank-you gifts.

5.  Remember What Kind of Cake She Likes

Now this is something you should never forget, you do eat with her on a regular basis. However, if you honestly can’t remember, you can always discretely contact her good friends or check her social media accounts. This will also be helpful if you can’t remember her favorite wine.

6.  Cook Her Favorite Meal

She will never forget that you tried to cook her favorite meal. Even if it isn’t perfect, she will never forget the effort you put in. If you aren’t much of a cook, check YouTube for step-by-step videos featuring cooking instructions and recipes. The fact that you put together a 3-course meal is something she will never forget.

Making this romantic dinner a surprise, and having it ready when she gets home, will make this one of the most thoughtful gifts she will ever receive. If you really can’t cook the meal, you can still plan a romantic dinner by ordering the meal from her favorite restaurant to be eaten in the comfort of your home. You can even order the dessert from her favorite bakery.

7.  The Entire Day is a Celebration

Why not plan the entire day around her? Never forget that breakfast in bed gets the day off to a great start. If you have brunch, a welcome addition will be a personalized champagne bottle with your names and anniversary date plus a picture of the two of you. Instead of opening all gifts at once, place them around the house for her to find randomly to keep the festive mood going.

Another idea is to have a scavenger hunt for the gifts, every gift she finds will have a hint as to where the next gift is hidden. The last gift can be a hint about your dinner plans. The important thing is that you spend the day together doing things you both enjoy.

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