Gracious Gift

A Gracious Gift for the Corporate World

Gracious Gifts for Staff Members

Most people do their best work when they feel a connection to the company and other employees. Social get-together at work are important, they give employees the chance to bond and have some fun. These get-togethers often focus on a special occasion, like a birthday or work anniversary.

Occasions like that usually include a card and gracious gift from the group. To make it feel more like a group effort, why not create a digital card where employees can collaborate to include their personal messages. The same personalization can be applied to a bottle or glass, this gracious gift is a more elegant way to present personal messages.


Now what about gracious gifts to reward employees who have met deadlines, special events like customer appreciation receptions, or individuals who have exceeded expectations? A thank-you gift that everyone can enjoy is a personalized drinking glass. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. When customized with your company’s logo and message, they make excellent gifts. These gracious gift glasses can be purchased in bulk.


Employee retention is extremely important, giving gracious gifts to employees regularly makes them feel valued and appreciated. Gift sets are a great way of showing appreciation, as the individual climbs the corporate ladder, personalized gift sets can materialize. An example is a nicely etched bottle of their favorite alcohol as a thank-you gift for a major accomplishment than personalized rock glasses to mark goals met. The employee ends up with a gracious gift set as a reminder of how much his effort are appreciated.

Thoughtful Gifts for Colleagues and Friends

There are hundreds of online shops featuring an extensive range of corporate gifts. Whether you are looking for appreciation gifts for coworkers or thank you gifts for clients, look for websites where you can buy in bulk and still personalize gracious gifts. You want a classy, gracious gift, not your logo slapped on a plastic cup. Your logo and short message, etched into a classic olive oil and vinegar set, is a superb gift idea for kitchens and anybody who cooks.

Thank You Gifts for Mentors

Your mentor is one of the primary reasons you’re where you are today, if anyone deserves a custom, gracious gift, it’s them! A great way to show your appreciation for their mentorships by keeping in touch, communication is vital to any relationship. Also, pay it forward by mentoring someone, there’s really no greater compliment for your mentor. Of course, you’ll also want to get them a customized, gracious gift. One idea is a personalized bottle of their favorite wine or liquor in a personalized gift box, packaged with a pair of personalized wine or rock glasses.

Expressing Gratitude with Gracious Gifts

Time is one of the greatest gifts a person can give. If someone gives you their time, one of the nicest ways to acknowledge the gracious gift is with a handwritten note thanking them for their time and kindness. Your handwritten note, and you, will stick in the receiver’s memory a lot longer than any email. A nice surprise follow-up to your note is a wine or champagne bottle engraved with the message from your note.

Now if you’re putting together gracious gifts to thank a group, placing your message on mini wine bottles is a fun and festive idea. These wonderful celebratory keepsake gifts can be ordered in bulk, and the printed label can be designed to look like your handwritten note.

Thank You Gift Ideas for Bosses

Thanking your boss is one of the hardest things to do. You really want to thank them for all the help in shaping your professional career into the successful person you are today. It is imperative to strike the right note, personal but still professional.

One idea is for the employees to plan a company celebration commemorating their bosses for professional achievements, like company expansions. These celebrations, dinners or special events should include personalized gracious gifts for everyone being honored. We’ve all seen custom cards that acknowledge the person’s professional accomplishments and interest. The sentiment is wonderful but why not transfer that sentiment to a customized wine or champagne bottle, this way the appreciation and sentiment expressed will stay with the person long after a card has been recycled.

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