Making Goodbye Memorable with Etched Gifts

March 22, 2019

Making Goodbye Memorable with Etched Gifts

Saying goodbye is never easy.  Our awesome accountant, Paul, recently left Etching Expressions to return to the East Coast with his lovely bride. 


Paul did an awesome job for us for the past two years.  If you’ve ever owed us money, you might have gotten a friendly but stern phone call from Paul looking to get your account in order.


At Etching Expressions we look to send people off the right way. . . with a personalized etched gift of course.  For Paul’s gift we etched a decanter that had an image of his thick mane with some positive sentiments from his tenure at Etching Expressions.   We included matching rocks glasses to complement the etched decanter set.


Not to miss a bucket list item.  We all waited in line for the awesome tacos, tamales and burritos at Las Cuatro Milpas, a semi-legendary homemade taco joint in Barrio Logan, San Diego.  Everyday there is a long line with a 30 minute wait (if you are lucky) to order your food. It’s very authentic Mexican food made by an army of very talented ladies.  The dining area is Spartan, but it only serves to focus on the outstanding food. Carnitas and chicken as well as the long simmered rice and beans are not to be missed.

Etching Expressions Group Photo 

Now that Paul checked off this must do item in San Diego, he was free to head back East.  He’s got his custom etched decanter as a memento of his stay at Etching Expressions to show the folks back home.  We’ll miss Paul.

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