Commemorating Dreams Coming True: Personalized Wine Gifts

March 27, 2019

Personalized Etched Wine Bottle Gift Academy Awards

We all harbor some fantastic dreams, that we hope someday, possibly, maybe could come true.  For many that could be dressing to the nines and being feted at a gala; And no gala is more glamorous than the Academy Awards.


Even if you rise to the top of the corporate ladder, realizing a dream still has the ability to bring you back to childhood giddiness.  Now imagine realizing your dream and witnessing history at the same time!


A customer reminded me, just today, of a project we did two years ago for one of his clients that got to realize her dream of attending the Academy Awards.  It was big deal and he wanted to surprise her with a nice commemoration for the event.  This was a big account, so he wanted to impress.  At first, he was going to present a picture in a nice Hollywood themed frame, then he got creative and decided to think outside the box.  If you go to the Academy Awards for the first time and it just so happens to be on the night they screw up announcing the best picture, people are going to remember that night for a very long time.  If you just happen to be one of the largest wine sellers in the country what could possibly get your attention?

 Moonlight Academy Awards

A custom etched picture on a three-liter bottle of Coppola Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon was just the gift to commemorate this special evening.  Custom etching a picture onto a special wine bottle is just the gift for any wine lover. 


To get the deep recessed look and feel, the bottle is sand-carved and hand painted. The picture converted from almost any photograph really stands out and commands attention. Embellishing the bottle by etching the particulars of the event such as the name, date, corporate logo and enhancing graphics are the finishing touches to an etched wine bottle gift.

 Personalized Picture Wine Bottle Gift Academy Awards

Custom etched wine gifts really standout in the crowd and get noticed. Even C-level executives with big salaries and many perks still like personalized gifts such as custom etched wine gifts.  The ability to commemorate an event with a personalized picture, logo or individual name is a sure fire way to capture attention.  Commemorating events doesn't have to be saved for the Academy Awards, It could be for retirements, product launches, golf tournaments or winning the office sports pool.   


This special “Moonlight” bottle for the Academy Awards was really a hit and I’m sure a treasured gifts. Personalize etched wine bottle gifts are now my customer’s go-to gift when really needing to impress and stand out.




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