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5 Ways to Show Your Love Language

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What is Love and How do You Show Your Love?

While the Greeks called love “The Madness of the Gods”, most people would say it’s the desire to be emotionally close to another person. While we all have the desire for the emotional attachment love brings, we show our love using different love languages. These are described in a popular book by Gary Chapman “The 5 Love Languages”. There are tests online to help you identify your Love Language. This love tests could be fun to do with your beloved. Below are the 5 different love languages Chapman outlines ways to show your love for people who perceive love in this way:

1.  Words of Affirmation

These people love to hear the words “I love you” and other compliments and affirmations of your love. Positive words show your love and make them feel valued. On the other side, negative words bother them greatly and builds a negative image of you.

2.  Quality Time Given

The most important thing to these people is to have your undivided attention, with no distractions. You can show your love for them by making them a priority and listening carefully and thoughtfully then responding appropriately. Canceling plans, or being distracted by your phone, or not giving your full attention when they need it, will test your love.

3.  Acts of Service

Actions can show your love better than words for these people. They value people doing things that help them to show their love. If you show your love by supporting and helping them, you will pass the love test. However, if you make more work for them, or don’t want to help, it could be a relationship-ending factor.

4.  Physical Touch

For some people, physical touch is the touchstone of their life. They stay connected to loved ones through touch. You can show your love for them by holding their hand or kissing or touching them lightly when you’re together, it will show your love and make them feel safe. Any kind of abuse will destroy their trust and you will fail the love test.


5.  Receiving Gifts

These people equate love with being given something meaningful, the thought that goes into the gift is the most important part to them. A great customized gift to show your love doesn’t just appear, it has to be planned and ordered, which can take some time. The way it will make your beloved feel appreciated and loved makes it worth the time and effort. One gift that is practical, personal and romantic, the trifecta of gifts, is a personalized champagne bottle with both your names and a heart in the middle. With these people, if you don’t show your love with personalized, meaningful gifts, you will fail the love test.

Bad Habits That Can Ruin Relationships

Once you understand how to show your love, by exercising the love language of your beloved, you’re on track to a fulfilling relationship. However, even the most stable and loving relationship can be sidetracked by bad habits, little things that build up over time can destroy trust. Sure, most people do some of these occasionally, but if you do them consistently it could impact your relationship negatively, so keep that in mind.

  1. Being distracted
  2. Making public jokes about your beloved
  3. Keeping score
  4. Passive-aggressive behavior
  5. Fighting over text messages
  6. Criticizing their family
  7. Not showing your love regularly

Love languages are not limited to relationships, everybody has a love language.

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