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The Best Personal Gifts for Mom

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Discover Personal Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

You personally buying a mother’s day gift doesn’t make the gift a personal gift for mom. This year why not up your game with unique gifts for mom, something you can personalize so it’s one-of-a-kind and expresses your love. Your mom is pretty special, shouldn’t her gift be special also?

Personalized Engraved Wine Bottles: Unique Gifts for Mom

Most mothers cherish anything their child puts love into, those unique gifts for mom are treasured. She kept that whole box of cards you made for her as you were growing up because they were personal gifts for mom. Most mothers also like wine, champagne or olive oil. When you design an engraved wine bottle, with your personal message and artwork on it, you are creating a personal gift for mom that she will cherish. Just like she does that box of cards.

Ideas for Engraved Messages: Personal Gifts for Mom

  • Take the artwork from one of your childhood personal gifts for mom and have it etched into an engraved wine bottle, don’t forget to include your age when you created the masterpiece.

  • A special picture of you and your mom, etched into a wine bottle to capture all details, is a personal gift for mom that she will treasure forever. An idea for engraved messages under the photo is the location and year it was taken or your age at the time. Of course you should also put a line about your love for her on your unique gift for mom.

  • When you have a family of your own, a wonderful personal gift for mom is an engraved wine bottle featuring a photo of your family. Under your loving message, make sure you include the year and ages of the children. If you create one of these personal gifts for mom every year, she’ll have a collection to treasure by the time your children are grown.

  • If you have young children, an idea for an engraved message is to have them design a drawing or card for grandma and etch that into a bottle for a personal gift for mom. Again, don’t forget to include their name(s) and age(s). Since this design could be used as personal gifts for mom and the grandmas, you will need to order several.

  • A unique way to emphasize your children’s growth and development is to design an engraved wine bottle, featuring their artwork, every year as personal gifts for mom and the grandmas. When several years’ worth of these unique gifts for mom are lined up, they will reflect your children’s evolution.

Personal Gifts for Mom That She Will Display Proudly

Engraved wine bottles make unique gifts for mom that she will cherish forever. Of course she will want to display these treasures year around. Olive oil is one of those kitchen staples that is used continually, so people keep it accessible at all times.

If you fill your engraved wine bottle with olive oil instead of wine, your personal gift for mom will live in her kitchen or dining room eternally. Your personal gift for mom, of a personalized engraved wine bottle pretty enough to display, will remind her of your love every time she looks at it. As an added bonus, every time a visitor admires the personal gift for mom, your mom can brag a little about you & reminisce on that memory forever.  

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