Personalized Wine Box

Wine is an appropriate gift for any occasion, but Etching Expressions lets you take it a step further with personal customization to create a bottle unlike any other. The presentation is everything, especially when it comes to something as wonderful as a customized bottle of wine. Make sure you astonish with your gift by wrapping it in a personalized wine box engraved with a special message or image the recipient is sure to love.

Our customization process allows you to personalize your gift down to the very last detail: pick your favorite from a selection of wine, design a beautiful label with a sentimental message, and wrap it all up in an engraved wine box to create a truly unique present they will cherish for years to come. Personalized wine boxes are ideal when trying to create personalized collections of liquor or wine bottles.

Design an exceptional libation for your special someone with the addition of art on wine bottles to make for a one of a kind item they’ve never seen before. Congratulate a family member on their scholarly accomplishment with an etching of a graduation cap, celebrate the arrival of a little one with a personalized wine box engraved with a favorite storybook character, or toast the newlyweds with engraved champagne bottles depicting their engagement photo.

Perhaps they will hang onto the bottle to drink during their next special occasion, or they may be compelled to pop it open on sight. Whatever the case, you’ll have the satisfaction of offering a gift unlike anything they’ve ever received, and your heartfelt efforts will be very much appreciated.

Select from our personalized wine box selections and choose a classic pine container to start creating a custom wine box they will never see coming. A delicious bottle of wine inside a custom wine box makes for the perfect way to celebrate turning one year older. Celebrate their special day with a delivery of beautiful birthday wine bottles personalized just for them. Few birthdays are as exciting as a 21st, so make sure it’s a night to remember with 21st birthday wine labels designed for your loved one.

A personalized wine box serves as a picture perfect gift for business clients. The bottle or bottles of your choice will be nestled inside a classic pine box amongst softwood shavings and protected by a sliding lid. After you choose your personalized wine box, you can laser engrave a specific message or photo onto both the bottle and custom wine box.

Etching Expressions offers more than just elegant bottles of wine. For a classy gift, any recipient will appreciate, peruse our delectable selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegar. If you want to make for a gift that will really impress, add an olive oil gift set along with a palatable bottle of wine in a personalized wine box. 

Etching Expressions offers a variety of pre-designed etchings to ensure you find an appropriate label for any loved one, or you can use your imagination to come up with a design you know they will adore. For an elegant affair, match your engraved wine box with beautiful wines to celebrate any occasion in style. Add an extra touch of brilliance with a hand-designed hang tag for a polished package. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas present, birthday gift, or anniversary surprise, you can’t go wrong with a palatable bottle of wine sent in an engraved wine box.

Etching Expressions makes gift-giving fun and easy with a variety of custom bottles sent in a personalized wine box. Whether you’re having a hard time selecting the perfect gift for your friend, family member, or colleague, let us take the stress off by helping you create a magnificent present they’ll never see coming.