Personalized Olive Oil Bottles

High Quality Olive Oil

Etching Expressions is dedicated to offering high-quality products. We offer gourmet Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil and traditional balsamic vinegar. The glass olive oil bottles or glass vinegar bottles make the perfect canvas for our artists.

Reusable, Refillable

All vinegar and olive oil bottles from Etching Expressions are reusable, ensuring that your design will last for years. Custom engraved olive oil bottles are impressive gifts that your loved ones will enjoy every time they see it sitting on the dining room table, or on the pantry shelf. The reusable bottles will keep your message alive long after the holiday has passed.

Foodie Wedding Favors

Etched and personalized olive oil bottles are great wedding favors for a foodie wedding. Bulk discounts available for large orders.

Thank You Gifts

Looking for a teacher appreciation gift? A custom engraved olive oil bottle will make an impact.

Mother's Day Cooking Gifts

If this Mothers’ Day you’d like to give mom something she’ll put to great use, personalized olive oil and vinegar sets make the perfect gift. Remind mom that she’s the best cook in the house. Rather than swinging by the supermarket to pick up just any old thing for mom, let Etching Expressions help you create engraved olive oil bottles with a cherished personal touch.

Gourmet Company Gifts

Does your company need a classy branded gift to give to clients and partners? Personalized olive oil bottles branded with your company’s logo and slogan are a classy way to show your appreciation while simultaneously promoting your brand. Filled with the highest quality ingredients and expertly labeled – an engraved olive oil bottle with company logo keeps your brand visible and give it a subtle touch of elegance. Bulk Discounts, Fast Shipping, and Drop shipping available.

Restaurant Gifts

Engraved olive oil bottles are also a popular choice for restaurants. Perhaps you’re planning your restaurant’s grand opening, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect favors for your VIP clientele. A custom etched olive oil bottle is also a great personalized chef gifts.

Kitchen Gifts

Recipients proudly display their personalized olive oil and vinegar gift set on their kitchen counter or dining room table. Every time they reach to add a bit of flavor to their meal, they’ll be reminded of you: the person who took the time to make their gift truly unique.

Design Process

Create your own custom designed olive oil bottle, or work with our team to craft the perfect artwork. We’ll work with you to create personalized olive oil bottles that elegantly display your unique design. All etched designs are deep-etched and hand-painted on the surface of the olive oil bottles, preserving the contents of the bottle. Our custom labelled olive oil gifts have a high quality custom printed polypropylene label on the bottle instead of an etch.

Gift Packaging

Once your personalized olive oil has the perfect design and custom message, it’s time to complete the gift with an engraved wine box. Whether you’re sending one bottle, or a personalized olive oil and vinegar set, we are happy to package your olive oil gift with the perfect gift box. Decorate the wooden gift box with a logo, photo, customized design, or personal message. The Etching Expressions' team will work with you to create one of the best foodie gifts one can receive. Job well done, now you deserve a celebratory engraved champagne bottle!


Take a peek at some of the engraved olive oil bottles we’ve created for past clients, and get inspired!

The Next Step

However you choose to design your personalized olive oil bottles, our artists are ready and waiting to make it happen. Etching Expressions will be sure to transform your visions into reality, by working with our talented artisans that will provide undivided support throughout the entire process.

Whether you’re interested in 1 bottle or 1,000 custom olive oil bottles, we look forward to helping you find exactly what you need. Custom designs start with just a $25 art fee. Our friendly sales team will gladly provide you with a quote.

Our team is standing by to help you create your own personalized olive oil gifts, contact us to get started!

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