Magnum Wine Bottles

Personalized Large Wine Bottles

Bigger is better, and in the case of magnum wine bottles, this phrase has never been more true.

Our specialty magnum bottles are the size of two bottles combined, and a single magnum bottle is filled with 1.5 liters of wine—talk about getting the party started.

Great for centerpiece designs, you can utilize these behemoth containers to create a high-end look on your table. Using your magnum bottle design as a centerpiece is an excellent branding opportunity for corporate events. We can engrave your company logo and message of your choice onto the face of the bottle, allowing for great advertisement and an upscale attention to detail that won’t go unnoticed.

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1.5L & 3L Wines

Wine comes in many different sizes. Any size above a standard size wine bottle (750ml) is considered large format. Typically these are 1.5L magnum and 3L double-magnum sizes. Large sizes stand out and lend themselves toward significant events such as weddings, retirements, NBA championships, and major birthdays.

Some occasions call for a great deal of fanfare, and if you’re looking to make an upcoming celebration bigger and better than ever before, our magnum and double magnum wine bottles are sure to do the trick. These 1.5 liter bottles are two wine bottles. Three liter behemoths are filled with the equivalent of four bottles of wine and guaranteed to get the party started.

Celebrate in Style

Is a revered colleague retiring soon? Let them know how much you’ve appreciated their work and company over the years with a personalized magnum bottle in honor of their departure. Taking the time to create a hand painted champagne bottle shows effort and thoughtfulness, making a magnum bottle the perfect gift for any occasion.

Looking for a unique gift for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol? Consider a gorgeous olive oil bottle. We can add custom engraving and labels to delicious olive oil and vinegar sets to make for a classy and useful birthday gift. Perhaps you’re on the hunt for a unique gift designed for the beer lover; consider purchasing an engraved growler that will keep all of their favorite brews fresh and tasty, from brewery to home.

The dedicated wino will adore a double portion of their favorite merlot or pinot noir, and this is a birthday or celebration gift that’s sure to leave an impression.