Funny Etched Wine Bottles

Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers

Funny gifts for wine lovers are often the best, a combination of humor and a genuine message is always appreciated. Wine lover gifts of funny wine bottles featuring a heartfelt, but light hearted, message containing something the receiver really wants, wine, are always prized. Here are a few ideas to get you started on creating your own funny gifts for wine lovers in your life.




Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers Having “Big” Birthdays


The “big” birthdays, like 21, 30, 40, 50, and 65, require more customized gifts than the others. You hardly ever see funny wine gifts saying: “Congratulations on Turning 47,” but you see a lot of funny gifts for wine lovers turning 50. Great wine lover gifts for the 50th birthday include a custom etched wine bottle with the message “Fifty is the Ultimate F-Word” followed by your birthday message. That’s one funny gifts for wine lovers that will be a hit at the party and afterwards. If you want to add some funny wine accessories, you can customize some wine glasses with the same saying as the funny wine bottles for a memorable set.




Celebrating a Divorce with Wine Lover Gifts


A divorce is a new beginning for the wine lover, so why not present them with funny gifts for wine lovers to start their new life with a smile. Etch a sentiment like “Free at Last,” along with your message of support, onto wine bottles and you have the ultimate in funny gifts for wine lovers, divorce edition.




Wine Lover Gifts for Your Wine Loving Friends


“Friends and Wine Get Better with Time” is true, and a perfect sentiment to put on a customized wine bottle as funny gifts for wine lovers. Of course, you’ll also put your personal message on the funny wine bottles too, so you friend will think about you every time they use the funny wine bottles.




Couples Should Have Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers, Too


Couples, especially if they’ve been together for a while, have inside jokes. A wonderful anniversary wine lovers gifts is a customized etched wine bottle with something like “30 Years Ago…” and then either a wedding picture of the couple, or some things that were happening at that time. If you start this funny gifts for wine loves tradition early, they could have a bottle for each anniversary. What wine loves don’t want funny wine accessories to memorialize their marriage?






Funny Wine Bottles for Father’s Day


Sure, you get dad a funny card on Father’s Day, but why not make the humor last all year with funny gifts for wine lovers? If your dad is a science fiction fan, funny wine bottles could include the quote “You Are My Father” followed by your personalized message. Dad will laugh every time he reaches for that funny gift for wine lovers. Best of all, customized and etched funny wine bottles make funny wine gifts that will last forever since the bottles can be refilled.




Funny Wine Gifts Can Make Excellent Corporate Gifts


A little humor makes anything more memorable, this includes corporate gifts. Funny gifts for wine lovers make excellent corporate gifts, especially if you have a label that says something like “Screw It, Have a Glass on Us” with a drawing of a cork screw and your company name or logo. That’s a funny gifts for wine lovers that will stick in people’s minds, your company name included. If you’re personalizing mini wine or champagne bottles, a funny wine gifts label could read “In Case of Emergency, Open and Drink.” There are lots of funny gifts for wine lovers that make ideal corporate gifts or giveaways that show the lighter side of your company.




No Occasion Needed to Present Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers


Yes, most people buy gifts for special occasions, but you can give funny gifts for wine lovers just to say “thanks for being my friend.” A fantastic wine lovers gifts is a customized, engraved bottle that says “I’m With Wino” and an arrow pointing off the bottle. Your message of friendship and love is underneath. Funny wine gifts like that would make any wine lover’s day.



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